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i love that tee! i'll have to tell my friends about it...

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happy birthday! love the list--what a great idea... and i highly recommend buying the Fryes! i also love #s 16 and 21... And for what it's worth, since you got a headstart (congrats), I'd keep publishing two more articles on my list and make it four!

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I actually read that very same article in Tech Review about Leah Culver, and when I first saw the cover, my first thought was "Why is Veronica Mars on the cover of TR?" So yeah, I totally agree. Here Culver is this absolutely accomplished dev and business woman in the industry and her image is totally childish. And I wish that the article, which I thought was pretty good, was good enough enough to ignore the cover, but it wasn't. I think we're doing this to ourselves, though admittedly not very conciously, but more as a result of a very patriarchal society in denial.

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great post... i just read that article as well, and felt a bit nauseous as i realized that i was both jealous and repulsed by what allison was accomplishing. but the difference is that working furiously toward fame just to be famous is a completely different story than being admired and acknowledged for your accomplishments and experiences. that said, who doesn't want their facebook photo to be a good one?
i was completely disappointed by wired here.