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As I see it folks have two choices:

1) Jailbreak their iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS and deal with not having the latest Apple OS for a few weeks


2) Update and be content with a locked phone. It's quite simple really.

Thanks for the great work that you do at devteam. My iPhone is hacked so I can background apps. It's great. Thanks guys!

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I'm sorry you feel my reviewing skills aren't up to scratch. But at the end of the day, any car which is open for a test-drive needs to be in good condition. Poor test-drives lead to less sales.

Any vehicle, whatever it's powered by, needs to be good on the day of a test-drive. And yes, I don't deal with much in the way of technical jargon because most people out there are more interested in how a vehicle drives and feels than what's under the hood.

I'd also like to point out that as someone who has worked on her own cars for many years, both petrol based, electric and plug in hybrid, I'm not all that technically literate. Perhaps you should read my profile and about some of the EVs and PHEVs I've worked on.

Essentially at the end of the day the vehicle overheated. It should not have done. I've since chatted to the ECC who have agreed to let me back to do another test drive at a future date - One which I hope to video and one which I hope will help equalise the negative review I gave it.

The car's concept is wonderful. The price is a bit high. The engineering couldn't be reviewed on the day because it failed. That failure, when given to anyone wanting to test-drive a car, would be one which made them walk away and never try the car again.

Please go and troll elsewhere.

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Hi verdict.

My aim, when reporting about cars, is to give a realistic representation of what happened when I drove it. And yes, I do try to inject a bit of my own style. I'm sorry if you didn't like it.

As for Nürburgring times - how does this help someone looking for a city runabout? Do they really care how fast the car got around a course they'll never drive themselves, or perform in a race situation? No. They want to know if it's reliable, well-priced and what living with the car will be like. Things like trim finish, in-car features and luggage space are probably more important on a daily basis than how fast it goes around a race-track.

Perhaps we can agree to disagree. Jeremy Clarkson appears to be the kind of reviewer you may prefer. I'm not him!


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I did say in the review that I'm hoping to return and try the vehicle again. I really do hope that my experiences yesterday weren't indicative of the car and really do believe that it was a freak incident.

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Waiting a few minutes to fill up isn't uncommon, but there's no way of waiting in line for the charging unless you pull up to a meter and sit there... :(

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Oh! I'm sorry Bill. Thanks for setting the record straight! I'd love to chat with you about the trip some time!


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Good point, Lauren - but there's no spare there any more! It's gone! ;)

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I totally agree. Maybe we need smaller batteries and more charging points...

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Fantastic. Thanks for that. I've only ever riden the first gen Vectrix, so I don't have the VX-1 to compare it to. Do you prefer the style of the Vectrix to the Zero S?

Great to have another opinion. Just why I blog. Thanks!

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Exactly. I would rather be proven wrong and see a fantastic new EV than tell everyone about an EV which never actually materialises. I hope my apology is big enough!

Slightly frustrating is the person who commented on another post saying I was wrong and had too much free time, even though I'd posted this retraction. Ah well. My mistake!