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I think some of what I wrote was intended as satire.
Some people in the US and here cite "founding documents" and rewrite history ... to suit themselves.

So to eliminate the "LIES and CONFUSION" ...

1. Starting today, all firearms will be registered in compliance with Canadian LAW by all gun owners. No more amnesties to undermine its effectiveness. No more denigration of the registry by the current government.

2. The Government of Canada will next present a bill in its OWN NAME, based on actual evidence, which ensures firearms owners TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their WEAPONS ... tools which are designed to destroy a target. Assuming we all have the right to own tools designed for destroying targets because there is a societal need which justifies the negative outcomes of this policy.

3. All firearms will be stored, handled and sold/resold in compliance with Canadian law by everyone.

4. The federal government will rigourously enforce firearms laws.

PS The majority of Canadians are NOT MEN.

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Sorry, my mistake. Of course the CPC donors are a subset of the People of Canada.

They are probably the same "15-20% noisy subset" of the "qualified voter subset" of the "People of Canada set" who believe that Canada's "Declaration of Independence" states that every man's man is allowed to keep a rec room of firearms for which he is not responsible in any way - not legal storage, not legal registration, not liability insurance, not reporting to the police if stolen, and sold to any non-FAC holder if the buyer, too, is a Son of Liberty, fighting the machinery of The Big State.

This is because our Forefathers died for Liberty.

I do wonder what percentage of the population benefits from the political donation tax credit, and what the odds are that the MAJORITY of Canadians who do NOT benefit ... could stamp it out like all the other bad spending programs The State sustains for our ... "special interest minorities" and "elites".

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Nicely written piece.

As others have noted, Canada's New Government is all about expensive performance art. We continue to support the performance through direct tax dollars for "government" PR or generous tax credits for the party donors. The CPC is "legendary" in its ability to raise donations ... supported by legendary tax credit gifts for donors from the people of Canada.

In return, we get Mad Men at its most cynical. It's not necessarily "clever" ... but it is certainly manipulative. Let us be clear ... make no mistake ... (line!) ... in this time of restraint and economic crisis affecting all Canadians, we must cut wasteful spending on bloated and costly political party advertising machinery.

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1. A gun is a tool for destroying a target.
2. How many guns does each person NEED in a free society where one is protected by the rule of law?
3. Insurance and liability are key elements in our legal system. Moral responsibility is important in our society. Gunowners think they can opt out of the social contracts the rest of us must abide with.
4. Women often feel their lives are threatened when there are guns in a home and there is a history of abuse.
5. People who are mentally ill and who circumvent the legal processes ... as Canada's New Government has encouraged them ... can get their hands on firearms to hurt themselves or others. Mentally ill people are NOT the criminals in this transaction. They do not bear the moral responsibility. Competent people who don't obey the law are the offenders.

Man up and take responsibility for yourselves !

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The government has encouraged some gunowners to disobey the law with "amnesties" while other law offenders deliberately overloaded the registry website in an effort at "cyber-terrorism" - to use a recent phrase of some in government. Both actions have cost taxpayers money. Even now, the weakened and limp opposition parties are spoon-feeding this group by offering forgiveness of first offences.

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The government won't release the reports ... how does one provide evidence when it is suppressed and people are sent away for French training ?

Is there evidence that people sell or provide weapons without ensuring the purchaser does not have a Firearms Acquisition Certificate? Maybe start with those cases.

Law and Order ! ... except for laws with which one disagrees, evidently.

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Is this CPC policy or a "CPC whipped private member's bill" ? What is the difference ?

Maybe if Canada's New Government had the courage of its convictions and was honest about its policy you would have the moral authority to analyze the behaviour of others regarding this awful concoction of yours.

It would also be refreshing if proponents of the registry in the public service with experience and professional knowledge weren't shuffled off for "French" and various reports weren't suppressed with such dishonest excuses.

Governments defeat themselves. Please keep up the good work !

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The testimony to retain the census has largely been evidence-based.

Meanwhile, the government side's questioners BELIEVE in the goodness of Canadians to fill out the census in a representative way ... after they slam the sale of the same data and have been devaluing the census since the G20. Extreme concocted hypotheticals hi-lite the govt's failure to govern.

Saddest of all are some conservative-minded newcomers to Canada who equate a mandatory census with tyranny in their countries of birth. They suggest it is an energy-wasting frill ... Canada should lead the G-7 and its citizens should be doing real business. After they read the CPC talking points, they can't even answer the questions they are asked. However, one of these "ordinary Canadians" has gone abroad on a junket with the PM.

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"Everyone can dance ... but not everyone can play a musical instrument ..."
i.e. metaphorical: all can read speeches but not all speakers can debate on their feet ...

What other tests could we use to show that leaders are loosey goosey relaxed people just like us. ... I know ! Huntin' and firin' a shotgun or rifle. AK-47s count (where legal). Point awarded to Mr Ignatieff.

Skinning a seal ? Manly !

Doing a novel Mentos and Coke display !!

Spelling bee or Scrabble (French).

There are endless possibilities if handlers would use their imaginations !

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"Is taking 50% of our earnings not enough?" ... so reverse the polarization of citizens' net income which has been taking place during the last 30 years. This will improve social cohesion which is suffering. Fraser Ins. says our corporate tax is MUCH lower than US ... there's another potential answer. Also increase the "minimum wage" to a wage that people could contemplate living on and taking care of their retirement savings with. Unionized wages aren't "unfair" it is the minimum wage and benefits which are. Maybe this would support increases in productivity which Canadian industry refuses to make even with a high dollar.
Having learned a little history myself about unions and financial planning (re pensions) ... I don't quite understand people's visceral hatred of unions. Read "The Jungle". We already have returned to the 'disposable workforce' these days. Do you advocate the return to slavery to solve the economic problems?