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I think that ex-batt's mothering chicks is uncommon but not impossible although I agree that they aren't ideal candidates for broody work - I remember seeing an article in the BHWT newsletter about one hen who had produced a very happy little clutch of babies.

Of course the egg's will be fertile and they may intend to stick them in an incubator or under a more reliable broody - like a bantam for instance.

I'm so sorry that you've had so many problems with that awful breeder - I feel guilty that you went there because I was the one who found her in the first place :( - It's certainly been a steep learning curve for both of us this past year - Who would have thought owning a few chickens would be such flaming hard work!

Still wouldn't swop them for the world - I think I'll always want to have a few chooks scratching about in my garden - Looking forward to the lighter mornings and nights so that I can actually have a relationship with them though - rather than hearing it all second hand from the hubby and kids as I'm at work all day - leaving and returning in the dark!

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The River Song story can be always explained away by having her meet him in his 10th Doctor guise and then again in the 11th - Would help explain how she pinned down the events in her diary - she knew he was pre-regeneration etc

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After getting over the initial "Who? -What the...." reaction and doing a little research on him - I'm interested to see what he will do with the role - I did see the Ruby in the Smoke stories and enjoyed them - Although I would have never have thought of him in the role but then I'm not a casting director and its not my job to know who are the up and coming actors

I think its a good idea to cast a relative unknown - No preconceptions, no punchlines and obviously a massive boost to his career - If they go with the dark, gothy look - thats not only a look I have a "bit of thing" anyway - so will approve wholeheartedly but is a savvy reflection of the times and also will complement Stephen Moffat's perchance for the darker scripts

He is after all Stephen Moffat's choice - a fantastic writer and is not Russell T Davies - thank goodness - We have to credit him with resurrecting the brand - For that he's a genius but his scripts tend to be a bit messy and inevitably end up with a unsatisfactory ending - I don't know whether that is because that's the way he writes or whether he gets carried away and then thinks "Bugger - need to bring this to a conclusion - I know the Doctor can do this, this and that and Wazzam - all sorted!" plus its all sometimes just a little too jolly and slightly silly - That's how I felt about the Christmas episode even though I enjoyed it.

Matt Smith does have a certain otherworldly something about him - Yes he's very young but if you were a 903 year old semi-immortal being - wouldn't you want to look younger as the years pass you by - I would - been there, done that whole Grandad thing thank you very much! - End of the day - the jury's out until atleast half way through the next series and he's settled into the role - He's never going to make everyone happy - Lots of people still have hadn't got over Tom Baker leaving!

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I'd be very careful with BT - they will charge you a fee for coming out of your contract early - that is what they did with us and I've had to ring and argue that as I was not told at the time of leaving BT that they would impose this fee - I was not prepared to pay it - It is supposed to be reversed on our next bill as we have maintained the line rental with them but until I see it happen I'm not holding my breath

As for supplying the MAC code - actually they were very helpful when I needed ours