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LaTimes- another of Obama's state run media. So, it is not surprising that they came out with these numbers as they can work the numbers to fit their agenda. They say 54% want her confirmed. Why that number? Oh, that's the percentage Obama won the popular vote. Surprise, surprise!!!

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So, Turbo Tax Cheat Tim is at it again, giving financial advice? Even China knows that taking money advice from "that one" would be like Dracula telling you which blood bank to donate to. That's why they are still laughing at him today and laughing at Obama for sending him. Obama should have sent Biden as he could have at least given us something to laugh at and China wouldn't have understood him.

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Obama will either stop them from being sold here(protecting his UAW donors) or the Obama Tax that he will impose upon them, noone will be able to afford them. Either way, Obama will still be a failure running GM or as it should now be called, OM(Obama Motors).

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This should be a surprise to no one. Obama is a muslim and their wish is to destroy America. What better way for them to do it by having one of their own do it pretending to be its leader. That way Obama can do it from top to bottom. When he is finished dismantling this once great nation, it won't even be recognizable. Notice the attack from that muslim convert this past monday at that army recruiting center in Arkansas, Killing one and badly injuring another? Not one word from Obama at least condemning this. But he did condemn very quickly the killing of one of his heroes, the abortionist , George Tiller. Do you see the difference? The abortionist kills Americans. Those brave solders protect and defend Americans. So it's not hard to see where Obama is coming from. He may have fooled the majority of Americans but I saw right through him. For our countries sake, I really wish that I had been wrong.

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Obama will never show his real birth certificate unless he gets out of office and then he probably will not show it as he has something to hide. It is strange how Congress acted and had hearings on Senator John McCain to make sure he was Constitutionally eligable because of where he was born but were too scared to have the same hearings on Obama. The Certificate of Live Birth which is what Press Sec. Robert Gibbs directs people to on the whitehouse website. But, that is what people in the state of Hawaii get that were not born in Hawaii. So that alone does not pass the smell test.

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They will find a way to exempt themselves from the VAT as well. Remember, do as I say not as I do? Also, this is an Al Gore like carbon footprint all over the state of New York. Notice, Obama did not buy any offsets?

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This is just another ploy by the Obama regime to usurp the U.S.Constitution. By putting an activist judge on there that will do Obama's bidding in changing the Constitution to however he sees fit. I would not be surprised to see Obama at least try to get term limits done away with, becoming a dictator. Notice how well he likes Daniel Ortega, The Castro Brothers, and Hugo Chavez?

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Every so called moderate the Repubs.have trotted out has lost big time in the general election(Bob Dole and John McCain) and they didn't even have the Repubs. platform on the two biggest issues: small gov't and low taxes. As with Obama, when all you give people with each election cycle: liberal and liberal lite, people will choose liberal even though this is predominately a center right country.

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It looks like Glenn Beck, Bill O'reilly, and Seah Hanity out scooped them on ACORN-Gate. It looks like they had the story but maybe they were scared of being called a real newspaper . They wanted to leave no doubt that they are working for Barack Obama. The days of them being fair and balanced left the barnyard years ago.

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I guess the Obama white house thinks the drive-by media is not in the tank enough for Obama, which is hard to believe, so they have to control the spin even more.