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^^^^^^^^^^^^ do exactlyy what sambiiii is tellingg youu(: i know how hard this can be and so doess sheee.

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yes yes i doo(: but thanks for your advice i greatly appreciate itttt.

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maybe try telling him you stilll love him;; and maybe he feels the same way;; if you tell him and he doesnt feeel the same way ( move on ) its the best thinggg. If he tells you he feels the same way but wants you to waittt or he doesnt know who to choose;; stillll move on bc you want someeonee who will make you their numberrr one(: it will be hard butt girls are stronger than they thinkk,.

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ohh wow;; this is complicatedd;; sweetieee putt your gaurdd down;; just trust him;; you have to take risks& this mightt be a good way to show how you feeel about him;; guys like when there is trust in the relationshipp. && if this girl is your friendd or somethingg;; talk to her askk her whatsup with the things on myspace;; and why she's doingg alll this. She could just be jealous or madd causeee you have him&& mayb you should telll her its over between them. Now dont worry about what other people think so what if they like her better;; your boyfriend chose youu! accepttt it;; he obviously saw something in you that the other girl doesntttt have(: thats a good thingg.

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Heyy;; life only sucks whenn you make it seeem that wayy. As for your dad just ignore him;; i ignore my step dad alll the time he's just generally mean;; loll. && this fat thing has to stop;; have confidence in your selffff come on. A guy likes confidence!! ( i cant stress that enougg ) You can do stufff after school if your what you say "fat" maybe getting into a sporttt willl help you loose the weightt you wantttt;; and give you confidence and get rid of the shyness. I know she's your best friend but seriously;; who cares if she on the "market" worry about yourselffffffff. Now take the chance andd talk to this guy;; bigg whoop if he's from another schoool and there "arch rivalsss" even iff he has a gf;; justt talk to him aboutt it. Stop looking to have a boyfrienddd;; it willl naturally just come. Dont worry about ittt; so stop feeling sorry for your relationship priblems and just have funnnnn.

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alrighttttt where to startt;; when i was little me and my mom used to get hit;; and two years laterrr we were finally able to break away;; so i know what your going throughh. Now our situations are kinda the same my mom had me at seventeen. I think what your "gran" is trying to do is keep you from getting in the wrong crowd;; maybe she does feeel guiltyyy about how she raised your mother and is now trying to fix things and raise you righttt;; she's probably just tryingg to helpp. Now i'm not sure how easy she is to talkkk to;; butt if she's easy to talk to then sit her down and telll her how you feel;; maybe tell her you dont like when she talks about your "mum";; maybe telll her what you said about her being caring and lovingg;; yahh knoww? Welllll i'm here for you if you need me.

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heyy;; i agree w. mark (gain confidence) it willl get you farrr. Another thing;; you need to learn to take chances when it come to a boy. Two things could happen, 1. he likes you;; 2. he doesnt;; and if he doesnt dontt sweatt it sweatieee i mean there are plenty of fish in the sea dont let that one person get you downn. I hope this helpedd outtt(:(:

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i really agree w. this articallllll. You should keep your innecence for as long as you can. You dont need sex to make a relationshipppp, if he or SHE ( yes this couldd happen) doenst wanna take no for an answer he or she is not worthhh ittt.