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I loved the video. Too cute. My favorite part of this 10-k marathon of an entry (which I adored) was this: "It's in the top three grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had." I'm not sure why it made me laugh so hard, but I just imagined how hilarious it would be if I started mentally rating food after I ate it.

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It's okay that there wasn't a giant payback. "all those who own kindergarteners" was enough for me! :)

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I feel like I'm faking it as a mother all of the time. Some days it's as if I'm consistently watching my own back, because I'm scared I'll drop the ball. Additionally, I think Mom Strangers are terrifying. seriously.

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I was very late recently,and I silently promised all these good deeds to the non-pregnancy gods. Then my period came, and I now owe them big time!