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Superbly written and accurate forecast of global political activities. It seems like only a couple generations ago China homed in on industrial development. The West criticized their factories polluting the atmosphere. Their reply then was "give us time, you went through this same problem in your early industrial development." At some time in the course of their rapid industrialization they looked to see that the US was on a path toward world hegemony. We were involved in over 100 countries with troops, overthrowing governments and getting factions to fight one another. So, with their basic survival instinct kicking in, it was only natural for China to divert attention to military development. Of course the combined forces of the planet cannot equate US military power today. Yet we still increase military budgets. If we really were concerned with protecting and saving American lives we would invest instead in universal health care - to include funds to help train medical personnel to include doctors. Johnson is point on with his comment that " Sacrifices imposed by the 'final solution' military buildup against the East (Russia-China bloc) will strip the remaining wealth of the people. Taxes, inflation, interest rates, will rise as the nation is deprived of health care, education, public services, pensions and Social Security. "

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That was great investigative journalism. Now what? It raises more questions. Why did Israel destroy a Lebanese ambulance? And where? As for Saudi's role, it wouldn't be the first time they were pro-Israeli stooges.

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Nicely stated. I've been wondering who will have more pull with Trump: the Russians who are supporting Syria (read Iran) or Israel and its U.S. power bloc who wants the U.S. to do its dirty work. At this point it looks like the Russians are ahead. I have a rough time saying this, but this is one time I concur with Trump. The U.S. has no legal status to be in Syria in the first place. The strategy was allegedly to go after ISIS, who was going after Syria. How did ISIS get there? We wanted regime change so the US created ISIS. THat gave us the illegitimate reason to invade Syria in accordance with Israel's dictates..

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Finian nails it! And the citation of the Oded Yinon Plan for the Middle East by Occupyon is spot on. The goal is to create chaos in the Middle East by fomenting dissension among the Arab countries. And what better strategy than provoking the split between Sunni and Shia. Israel is hell-bent on taking out Iran so it can control the entire Middle East.