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You mean all 7 billion humans on earth will one day die? OMG!!! CLIMATE CATASTROPHE, 7 billion deaths. Boy oh boy, im really freaked out now.

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In fact, I'd go further than that. if someone actually cares about Africa, like I do, you dont go there to build a freaking well or plant god-damned carrots. Africans are not idiots and they can do these things. Going to Africa like this dumb b1tch can be justified either because:
1) she really does care but she's too dumb to realize how pointless and even harmful her actions may be
2) what she REALLY cares about is not africa, or africans, but building up a resume which will have 'progressives' and other assorted idiots drooling.

What africa needs, is definitely not more aid. We have been giving tons of aid to africa for the last 4 or 5 decades, and the situation only gets worse. what africa needs is good governance. but the idiots like dePape (and im guessing, you), are very quick to criticize Harper and Bush, but are pretty silent in the face of real thugs that bring about real destruction, like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and countless other tyrants in Africa.

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Please, so she went to Africa. Big freaking deal. In fact, it's just another example of how dumb and naive she is. Aid to africa doesnt actually help regular africans. It helps african despots stay in power and it helps white liberals feel good about themselves, but it actually hurts regular africans, as it kills any entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity they may have had.

these little naive twats are a dime a dozen. she's a self promoting cunt and she deserves all the scorn she's going to get.

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As usual, the best commentary on the matter comes from Mark Steyn.

Go check it out if you havent already.

Rick: good site and good post. Glad that I found this.

This little beeatch managed to tell the entire country to fuck off, while sanctimoniously and shamelessly promoting herself to the legions of parasite turds who will want to hire her (e.g., Moore, Barlow...)

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Conservative/NDP MO: determine set of principles, and then try and gain power to implement these principles.

Liberal MO: try and gain power, then try to determine what your principles are.

It's very ass-backwards. "Please elect us, and then we'll try to figure out what we stand for"

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no sh!t. temporarily banned? you mean you couldnt even log on, not just that some of your messages got erased?

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at the time it was an actual issue, he chastised Chretien for not participating, didnt he? and people certainly seem to believe his position is one of support (read Mike T's comment below).

But you bring up a good point, it would be preferable if he discussed it openly and stood by his convictions.

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that's hilarious. I would have expected that the first major NDP gaffe would be from one of their faux-candidates, not Mulcair.

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yeah, it would be so much better if only Saddam Hussein was still around. And now OBL is dead too. Im so sorry for your loss.

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well, Harper has never really reneged his position on the Iraq war, although he doesnt publicize it much, for obvious reasons. so in that sense it is better, he may not scream his position from the rooftops, but he hasnt done a 180 on it just at a time when that position became politically inconvenient.
(and yes, I did vote CPC)