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Hey, It’s That Guy!

Images come courtesy the website Trek Core and Memory Alpha.

**Be aware that all IMDB links may contain spoilers**

Legend: Bold = movies (including made-for-TV)
Italics = TV shows/miniseries

Terry O’Quinn as Admiral Eric Pressman, formerly Captain of The Pegasus
Mark Watches readers may recognize him from The West Wing as General Nicholas Alexander in several episodes
Other series and roles include: Heaven’s Gate as Capt Minardi, Places in the Heart as Buddy Kelsey, Miami Vice, Mrs Soffel as Detective Buck McGovern, Mischief as Claude Harbrough, The Twilight Zone, Silver Bullet as Sheriff Joe Haller, Remington Steele, The Stepfather as Jerry Blake, Moonlighting, A Year in the Life, Young Guns as Alex McSween, Blind Fury as Frank Devereaux, The Forgotten One as Bob Anderson, Jake and the Fatman, Prisoners of the Sun as Major Beckett, The Rocketeer as Howard Hughes, The Cutting Edge as Jack Moseley, LA Law, Tombstone as Mayor John Clum, Matlock, Tales From the Crypt, Earth 2 as Reilly, The Client, Homicide: Life on the Street, Diagnosis Murder, Mississippi Burning as Judge Hilburn, Shadow Conspiracy as Frank Riddell, On the Edge of Innocence as Mr David Walker, The X-Files as Michaud, Millennium as Peter Watts, Harsh Realm as General Omar Santiago, American Outlaws as Rollin H Parker, Roswell, The X-Files, Hometown Legend as Buster Schuler, JAG as Admiral Thomas Boone, Nyvnf as S.O.V. Nffvfgnag Qverpgbe Xraqnyy, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NCIS, Lost as John Locke (2007 Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series), 666 Park Avenue as Gavin Doran, Falling Skies, Gang Related as Sam Chapel, Hawaii Five-0 as Joe White, Full Circle as Jimmy Parerra, and Secrets and Lies.
IMDB link

Nancy Vawter as Admiral Margaret Blackwell, who assigns a mission to Picard
Her only major credit was LA Law as Dorothy Wyler, you can check the others at her IMDB page.

Michael Mack as Commander Sirol, Romulan Officer
Mark Watches readers may recognize him from The West Wing (Secret Service Agent Randy in “Shutdown”)
Other series and roles include: Powerhouse as Kevin Jackson, Violets Are Blue as Ben, Beyond the Rising Moon as John Moesby, Trarengvbaf as Rafvga Unlrf, California Dreams, Beverly Hills 90210, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, The Wire, Rogue Hunter as Arthur Dowager, Veep, House of Cards, Murder Eleven as Detective Mayfield, Backyard Ashes as Beefy, Those Who Kill, Malice: Metamorphosis, and some video game voice acting (Mostly Elder Scrolls).
IMDB link

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Hey, It’s That Guy!

I am very sorry for missing these the last few episodes. Several things have conspired to keep me from working on them for the last week. But I will be going back to getting those posted, and the previous episodes will be posted soon.

Images come courtesy the website Trek Core and Memory Alpha.

**Be aware that all IMDB links may contain spoilers**

Legend: Bold = movies (including made-for-TV)
Italics = TV shows/miniseries

Wil Wheaton returns as Wesley Crusher
Series and roles include: The Secret of NIMH as the voice of Martin, The Buddy System, Stand By Me as Gordie Lachance, St. Elsewhere, Family Ties, Toy Soldiers as Joey Trotta, December as Kipp Gibbs, The Legend of Prince Valiant as Prince Michael, Pie in the Sky as Jack, Flubber, The Day Lincoln Was Shot as Robert Todd Lincoln, Jane White is Sick & Twisted as Dick Smith, Neverland as John Darling, Teen Titans as Aqualad, Naruto as the English voice of Menma, Legion of Super Heroes as the voice of Cosmic Boy, Kurokami: The Animation as the English voice of Yakumo, Big 10: Alien Force and Big 10: Ultimate Alien and Big 10:Omniverse as the voice of Mike Morningstar/Darkstar, The Guild as Fawkes, Leverage as Colin Mason, RedaKai in several roles, Eureka as Isaac Parrish, Generator Rex as the voice of Dr. Peter Meechum, several appearances on The Big Bang Theory as himself, and several one-off appearances in shows such as: Tales From the Crypt, Sirens, The Outer Limits, Love Boat: The Next Wave, Diagnosis Murder, CSI, Family Guy, and an uncredited role as a random airplane passenger in Sharknado 2: The Second One.
IMDB link

Patti Yasutake returns as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa (Doctor in one universe)
Series and roles include: TJ Hooker, Gung Ho as Umeki Kazuhiro, The Wash as Martha, Mr Belvedere, Murphy Brown, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot as a TV Newscaster, Picket Fences, Trarengvbaf and Svefg Pbagnpg as Btnjn, Dangerous Minds, Judging Amy, ER, Crossing Jordan, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Boston Legal, Cold Case, The Closer, and NCIS Los Angeles.
IMDB link

Mark Bramhall as Gul Nador, a Cardassian who questions the Enterprise crew
Series and roles include: Prisoners as Lt Krueger, Gabriel’s Fire, Growing Pains, Life Goes On, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Diagnosis Murder, NYPD Blue, Dark Skies, Onolyba svir, The Burning Zone, 7th Heaven, That 70s Show, The X-Files, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge as Edward Ilou, Vanilla Sky as Sneezy, Nynvf, Murder on the Yellow Brick Road as Jefferson Sinclair, ER, 24, Nip/Tuck, Fgne Gerx as a Ihypna Ryqre, Iron Cross as Col Nussbaum, and some video game voice acting.
IMDB link

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Mauric: We still plan to apply for membership, Commander! We will go directly to the Federation Council, they will listen to us-!
Riker: They will also listen to the reports of the Captain of the Enterprise and his First Officer! And I can tell you right now the First Officer's report will go something like this: 'Kesprytt, a deeply troubled world with social, political, and military problems they have yet to resolve. The Kes, while a friendly and democratic people, are driven by suspicion, deviousness, and paranoia. It is the opinion of this officer they are not ready for membership.'

Stardate: 47304.2, equates to April 21, 2370

The ending is particularly frustrating for anyone who ships Crusher and Picard.

These two groups (the Kes and the Prytt) are both quite ridiculous. Xenophobia on one side and suspicious paranoia-esque behavior on the other. Definitely not a world that’s ready for Federation admission. Riker has a bit more patience than I would have in dealing with them both.

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Hey, It’s That Guy!

Images come courtesy the website Trek Core and Memory Alpha.

**Be aware that all IMDB links may contain spoilers**

Legend: Bold = movies (including made-for-TV)
Italics = TV shows/miniseries

Robin Gammell as Mauric, Ambassador of the Kes
Series and roles include: First Person, Macbeth (1961 TV movie) as Malcolm, Hamlet (1964) as Francisco/Gravedigger, Police Surgeon, Lipstick as Nathan Cartright, The Creeper as Martin, The Haunting of Julia as David Swift, The Rockford Files. The Promise as Dr Wickfield, The Concorde Airport ‘79 as William Halpern, Lou Grant, Wait Until Dark as Sgt Carlino, Trapper John MD, The Blue and the Gray as Jacob Hale Sr, The Paper Chase, The Star Chamber as Judge Archer, A Case of Libel as Paul Cleary, Simon & Simon, Kids Don’t Tell as Dr Houghton, The Twilight Zone, Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Roomies, Beauty and the Beast, Our House, Wiseguy, WIOU as Kevin Doherty, The Commish, Murder She Wrote, Civil Wars, Matlock, Street Legal, Amazing Grace, Net Worth as Conn Smythe, Dark Skies, The Practice, Millennium, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery as the British UN Representative, Party of Five, Last Night as Mr Wheeler, Bulworth as Geoffrey, The Girl Next Door as Len Winters, Manhattan AZ as Lon, Strong Medicine, Judging Amy, Nip/Tuck, Saving Grace, Skyline as Walt, and How to Get Away With Murder.
IMDB link

Lenore Kasdorf as Lorin, Prytt Security Minister
Series and roles include: Monty Nash, Mannix, Mod Squad, The Magician, Cannon, Chase, The Manhunter, Barnaby Jones, Ironside, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Streets of San Francisco, Lucas Tanner, Starsky & Hutch, Police Story, Matt Houston, Magnum PI, TJ Hooker, Jessie, Simon & Simon, Missing in Action as Ann Fitzgerald, The A-Team, Riptide, Moonlighting, Knight Rider, Fame, Matlock, Santa Barbara as Caroline Wilson Lockridge, Highway to Heaven, 21 Jump Street, Dinner at Eight as Lucy Talbot, Dragnet, Jake and the Fatman, Beverly Hills 90210, In the Heat of the Night, Coach, Renegade, Murder She Wrote, Columbo, Onolyba svir, High Incident, NYPD Blue, Starship Troopers as Mrs Rico, Get Real, The Agency, and The Division.
IMDB link

James Castle Stevens as the Kes Aide to Mauric
Series and roles include: The Wayans Bros, Working, The Army Show, The King of Queens, Malibu CA, Random Shooting in LA as Gary, Threat Matrix, The Drew Carey Show, Rules of Engagement, The Loop, Heroes, and The Hit Girl as Bill.
IMDB link

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Zek: Let me remind you that taking business advice from a female is a violation of Ferengi law!
Quark: I didn't know she was a female.
Zek: Stupidity is no excuse. Now, one more word out of you, and you are going to share her cell.
Quark: Then you better make sure it's big enough for three.
Zek: Are you threatening me?
Quark: I wonder what your associates will say when I tell them you allowed a female to represent you in a business negotiation!
Zek: I didn't know she was a female!
Quark: Stupidity is no excuse.

Another odd Ferengi episode. I’d say it’s nice to see Vizzini again, but he’s a creep so it’s really not.

I like that we see a Ferengi woman decide to break the rules, V xabj Dhnex naq Ebz'f zbgure vf zhpu gur fnzr, naq nccneragyl yrnqf n phygheny eribyhgvba yngre ba. I’m interested in see that.

And “The Dominion”! I’ve heard a few things, but not much. Zbfgyl V xabj gung gurl raq hc fgnegvat n jne jvgu gur Nycun Dhnqenag ng fbzr cbvag gung raqf hc chyyvat va onfvpnyyl rirel znwbe cbjre va gur ND.

Rating: 5/10

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Lwaxana Troi: Every morning, she woke up with... with a smile.
Deanna Troi: Isn't it better to remember her like that? I just found out I had a sister I never knew.

Stardate: 47254.1, equates to April 2, 2370

I think in some ways it may have been better to have this episode earlier in the show. We could have gotten more scenes with Deanna asking about Kestra, helping her mother deal with the memories, etc. But having the episode here does give us another angle to view Lwaxana in. Now on every rewatch when Lwaxana appears, you have this piece of information to reexamine how she behaves towards Deanna.

I love the concept of The Cairn, a species that communicates solely through visual telepathy. I kind of wish we had seen more of the process of teaching them words; but I’m happy with what we got. One thing I wonder: how did they translate whatever concept of self they have into names? If they had no words, they wouldn’t have names.

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Amick Byram as Commander Ian Andrew Troi, Deanna’s Father
Byram previously appeared in Season 4 Episode 18 as Hickman, who also served with La Forge on the Victory
Series and roles include: Quincy ME, Jake & The Fatman, The Prince of Egypt as the singing voice of Moses (uncredited), Kristin, and A Million Ways to Die in the West as Marcus Thornton.
IMDB link

Andreana Weiner as Kestra Troi, Deanna’s hitherto unknown older sister
She doesn’t have many roles, and they’ve mainly been voice acting, you can check them out on her IMDB page.

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Hey, It’s That Guy!

Images come courtesy the website Trek Core and Memory Alpha.

**Be aware that all IMDB links may contain spoilers**

Legend: Bold = movies (including made-for-TV)
Italics = TV shows/miniseries

Majel Barrett-Rodenberry returns again as Lwaxana Troi, Deanna’s mother
Mark Watches readers will remember her as Nurse Christine Chapel from Star Trek (The Original Series), where she also voiced the computer.
Other series and roles include: The Untouchables, Leave It to Beaver, 77 Sunset Strip, The Quick and the Dead (1960 movie), Bonanza, The Domino Killings as Mrs Schnaible, Onolyba svir as Ynql Zberyyn in Cbvag bs Ab Erghea, Spider-man (1990s cartoon) as the voice of Anna Watson, Diagnosis Murder, and Earth: Final Conflict as Dr. Julianne Belman. Her last credit is Hamlet A.D.D. as the voice of the Queen Robot. (This actually came out several years after her death in 2008)
IMDB link

Norman Large as Maques, one of the Cairn
Large previously appeared in Season 5 Episodes 7 and 8 as Neral, Romulan Proconsul.
He also appeared in Deep Space Nine Season 1 Episode 19 as Viterian, the Kobheerian Captain
Mark Watches readers may recognize him from Veronica Mars (Professor Corrigan in “Postgame Mortem” and “Debasement Tapes”)
Other series include: Quantum Leap, Civil Wars, LA Law, Iblntre, Seinfeld, Melrose Place, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, JAG, Nash Bridges, and NYPD Blue.
IMDB link

Kirsten Dunst as Hedril, one of the Cairn
Series and roles include: Kiki’s Delivery Service as the English voice of Kiki, The Bonfire of the Vanities as Campbell McCoy, Sisters, Interview With the Vampire as Claudia, Little Women as Younger Amy March, Jumanji as Judy Shepherd, Mother Night as Young Resi Noth, Touched by an Angel, The Outer Limits, ER as Charlie Chiemingo, Tower of Terror as Anna Peterson, Anastasia as the voice of Younger Anastasia, Wag the Dog as Tracy Lime, True Heart as Bonnie, All I Wanna Do as Verena von Stefan, Small Soldiers as Christy Fimple, The Virgin Suicides as Lux Lisbon, Drop Dead Gorgeous as Amber Atkins, Dick as Betsy Jobs, The Crow: Salvation as Erin Randall, Luckytown as Lidda Doyles, Bring It On as Torrance Shipman, Deeply as Silly, Get Over It as Kelly Woods, Crazy/Beautiful as Nicole Oakley, The Cat’s Meow as Marion Davies, Lover’s Prayer as Zinaida, Spider-man and sequels as Mary Jane Watson, Levity as Sofia Mellinger, Mona Lisa Smile as Betty Warren, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as Mary, Wimbledon as Lizzie Bradbury, Elizabethtown as Claire Colburn, Marie Antoinette as Marie Antoinette, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People as Alison Olsen, All Good Things as Katie Marks, Melancholia as Justine, Bachelorette as Regan, On the Road as Camille/Carolyn Cassady, Upside Down as Eden, The Two Faces of January as Colette, Portlandia, and Fargo as Peggy Blumquist.
IMDB link

more in reply

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Melora: I just want you all to know you can depend on me....
Bashir: Okay, you've proven that... what do the rest of us have to do to convince you?
Melora: Of what?
Bashir: That you can depend on us.

Wouldn’t someone from a low gravity planet have less dense musculature and skeletal systems, thereby giving them trouble walking in a higher gravity environment? Here we get this weird neurological reason for her difficulties. Makes no sense at all.

I like Melora as a character, but I’m sure we won’t see her again. For one, I’m sure the effects for her low gravity room would be too expensive; although that would be solved by simply not showing her in her room. But I simply don’t think they’d keep around a character that was always (or almost always) in a wheel chair. It’s very unfortunate.

I wonder how many more times we’ll have someone on board that has a massive grudge against Quark? V'ir urneq bs n punenpgre pnyyrq Oehag jub jnagf Dhnex qrnq, ohg V qba'g xabj n qnza guvat nobhg uvz; bgure guna ur'f cynlrq ol Wrsserl Pbzof. (Jub unf ng yrnfg bar bgure perqvg ba guvf fubj; fbzrbar pnyyrq Jrlbha be fbzrguvat?) V guvax Oehag'f n Sreratv? Abg ernyyl fher ba gung.

Something I want to find: The translation of the Klingon dialog between Melora and the chef.
Melora: You call this live?
Chef: What's your problem, lady?
Melora: This slop you call food is the problem.
Chef: If you don't like it, don't eat it.
Melora: I want to see the blood running through the veins!
Chef: I like a customer who knows what she wants!

Rating: 6/10

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Troi (quoting Freud): Dreams are the royal road to the knowledge of the mind.

Stardate: 47225.7, equates to March 23, 2370

Weird episode. I think I completely missed the explanation of how Data was sensing the creatures; probably just technobabble goobledegook.

I’m glad at least that they remembered Data’s dream program and explored it further; it could easily have been one of those forgotten elements that never get seen again.