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Amazing how Moody's rated the huge Wall Street banks 'AAA' the day before the crash and now Moody's is threatening to drop the rating to the United States. Why does Moody's, or any of the other rating agencies, continue to have any basis of credibility when it has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are just pandering to Wall Street financial interests. This is a huge scam played upon the American public to wrest power from the sovereign...American People...and hand it over to corporate interests based on fear. Now Moody's is undermining the credibility of the US Government in the eyes of the American People and the solvency of the US economy in the eyes of the world...all to garner more power and influence for the Wall Street bankers. Eventually, the American worker will need to claw back that power usurped by these corporate-financial sooth-sayers.

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stick to making rude off color comments about women and leave the political commentary to anyone who has smidgen of grey matter at their disposal.

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Why do people still drive hummers in Oregon. I could understand Florida or Arizona or Texas but hippy trippy eco-friendly progressive Oregon doesn't make sense...or does it? Maybe Oregon isn't so hippy-trippy eco-friendly or progressive...maybe that's just a smoke-screen to cover the conservative white fascist underbelly.

At any rate...I was almost creamed twice yesterday; once by an angry old guy in a huge pickup who was rolling through a stop sign without stopping and the second time by an oblivious driver of a short bus who crept into the bike lane on Broadway to make a right hand turn and only bothered to signal halfway into the turn and less than ten feet from the street. Fortunately, my 40 years of cycling experience and 30 years of driving experience served me well and saved my life or at least my body.

My point being: If I can use my significant driving and riding experience to predict...or at least to identify screw ball drivers and react when they do stupid things...and a avoid getting run over by bad inattentive ignorant and self-absorbed drivers then a person driving along a road and seeing an inexperienced child-cyclist should have the basic ability and simple common sense and basic fundamental concern for human life to slow down in preparation for 'unexpected behaviors' such that they could control their vehicle in a manner to avoid grave injury to others. Regardless, of what the child did...the driver was at fault...the larger vehicle always has the greater burden of responsibility because driving is a privilege and a responsibility and because of the great mass and kinetic energy represent a grave potential harm to the public and; therefore, drivers those self-propelled environmental hazards have the exclusive duty and burden of responsibility to the public to conduct and control their massive vehicles in a prudent and safe manner at all times. There are no accidents only irresponsible behaviors that result in injury.

All my sympathy goes to this small child who was run over by this huge 6 tonne vehicle and trailer. Suffering the abuse of three axles and three sets of wheels passing over her 8 year old body. I am disgusted by the driver of the hummer on so many accounts that I can only spit. Of course, the driver is an idiot...driving a hummer is the exclusive domain of idiots and narcissist.

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They look like cops...hmmm...same characters; different career choices. I bet they played football in High School too. I bet these guys are considered hero/martyrs in the underworld. In a looking glass world these guys could be making $100K/Yr. plus a huge benefit package for driving around in armored vehicles sexting their girlfriends, talking on the phone to their wives, busting down doors, and shooting citizens all without repercussion or accountability. I bet they regret their career choice now cause the underworld doesn't have a road raging union representative to defend their actions and pay their legal fees and manipulate the media.

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Yes, along with homeland security, police, fire, public transportation, etc. all these could be 'tapped' into also just the way education, Social Security, public assistance has been 'tapped' into. Sure am glad they don't raise taxes on the wealthy and still allow all the loopholes that allow corporations to avoid contributing.

In accounting when you take from one side of the balance sheet it is like adding to the other side of the balance sheet and it works the same way in American Tax economy: when the rich and corporations pay less in tax then it raises the effective tax on the poor. For instance: since the wealthy and corporations refuse to contribute, and pay lobbyists handsomely to influence congress, congress responds by cutting social services and education etc. all the while increasing the budget for security forces; police, homeland security, various spy agencies so that when the poor actually do revolt there is a para-military force to protect the wealthy. It is called fascism...

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Really a stupid thing and seriously not funny. Why do these idiots not consider the possible consequences of their behavior. This activity is not a joke and although the likelihood of causing a plane to crash with hundreds of souls aboard is very unlikely; if anything did happen they would be held accountable even if the laser wasn't a factor. There is no benefit to this behavior for anyone.

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Your statement is at odds with itself; you blame everyone. Hatfeld was being pissy over his property and force the state to build around his property at a cost of $650K. This is the same guy that got pissy over Napster and was hilariously parodied by South Park. He is a multi-millionaire spoiled entitled brat whiner who gets his way at the expense of other people. I would have some respect for him if rather than forcing the state he would have found another way but his lawyers got paid. maybe, so there's that.

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Sick woman. If she is found to be sane she deserves life in prison...but she should serve that time in general population in a facility for men. That might satisfy her need for male genitalia.

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eh...the set up needs work.

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I saw this on a web board but didn't realize that they were on trainers...somehow I got the impression that they had installed a temporary Velodrome at PCS; just to see that would be kewl. It was too hot and muggy to sleep last night. Anyway, .I am so not disappointed any longer now that I know that all I missed was a bunch of dudes on exercise bikes...really couldn't think of anything less interesting...oh, wait; it came to me: an opinion/commentary from SwissBank.