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There you go speaking French again. Regards to the family,

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I'm be interested to know the following

1) how many news organizations use multimedia from others, either sound or video to enhance a story

2) whether journalists really use social media for story ideas or it is still a press kit dominated world pushed by PR people to journalists I cited this recent study by Cision on journalist sources

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I think you are missing my point which is this: If you want to want to test the ability for the Internet and journalists to get facts correct, facts that have significant implications to life, death, and corruption, I think a better example is needed. My article was not about defending a typo or fact checking of insignificant quote, that is impossible to do, and in this case I am not defending the lack of verification of a quote. I am saying as a litmus test of journalistic standards it is a poor one, and the issue of quality journalism in more significant stories has deeper roots than a Wikipedia entry.

I will say however, this case is a good one for my kids 6th grade report references, and I'll put it to good use.

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I disagree on the point about if you can't get an obit right what can you get. It wasn't the obit that was wrong it was a quote that was quite fitting in the obit. And the issue of Tim Geithner is less about what's accurate, it's about access in a very close knit society known as the beltway.

In fact, I'd make the case the relationships and fear of never being called on in a press conference contributes to letting a few embarrassing facts slip through the cracks.

The trust is with the people who post. Are they responsible not to screw with the system. That's the trust I'm talking about. You knew it was wrong and you still posted just to see if I could "getcha" That's the initial trust. You might say, hey I'm just testing the process, OK if that's the case and I'm always on the spotlight, and every inaccuracy is equal in value, then I think this is just another attempt at calling attention to yourself.

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Excellent piece of journalism and use of the community known as Twitter.

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Think about the paradigm of PR or more specifically, media relations. It's something like this - I'm going to try to convince you that I have a story that your audience would like. And my job is to get lots and lots of people to write the same story. Many of these stories are average, for example on a scale of 1 to 10 Obama fires Wagonner is a 10, Samsung comes out with new model TV 5, Some company starts new social media site 3.

Sometimes if you hit it right a 3 gets to fill a news hole, or might rise to the level of a 6 if its the right outlet at the right time.

But the paradigm is laced with mediocrity for the typical company, pitching a typical story to the "usual suspects" That's why you've got to do something different you have to be your own newsroom, focus outward not inward on your company. <a href="">Think like a journalist,</a> not someone paid to convince a journalist.

This issue was addressed in a fun conversation I had with the Bad Pitch Blog author <a href="">Kevin Dugan on the Marketing Edge podcast enjoy.

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Everyone here is missing the point, this has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with the difference between men and women. That's right, the Mars Venus, genetic thing. I bet most men want it all in one place, having Kindle on the iPhone is the ultimate in digital swiss army knifes. God I'm getting excited just thinking about it. That right excited, I'm 50 so I've crossed the threshold of what excites me. We also don't like carrying stuff, why, well because we forget most of it. See Chip proved my point. Another reason, we are lazy. That's right lazy, no I'm wrong make that efficient. We don't like wasting stuff, space, time, nothing.

Women don't like forgetting anything, hence the purse, or overnight bag that doubles as a purse. Carrying five things that essentially do the same thing or have a 1 in a million chance of being used is not efficient. Go ahead, dump the contents of your purse on the kitchen table right now. Take the test, let a guy pick out what he would take on a hour commute into the city, then do the same thing and have a women sort it out. There, have I made my case. Don’t knock it, the marketing folks have this all figured out. Now Bluetooth me what you’re reading so we can have an intelligent argument over dinner. :>)

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This is like when someone says you're cute it's a compliment but you were expecting something more. I vaguely remember when this used to happen to me, but even that memory is quickly fading.

This is a topic for a longer post, but seriously folks. We live in the Super Me Generation along with the Super You Generation. Yeah it's about the Sk*ttles, but it's more about me, until you tweet quicker,then it's about you.

OK so tell me, if my typing teacher in 5th grade knew that she would provide the most important skills of the 21 century she should have got more money. Now that's funny!

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Oh yes that's much better, in fact it is beautiful for politicians, now they can keep track of what they promised to which group. :>)

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thanks for the compliment, who could go wrong with Murray and Candy. I like your use of the Twitter balloon on your site Intersection of Online and Off line

All the best, Mark

Albert Maruggi