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Look at the type of opponents in those games played , the quality and manner on how we played in those games instead of manipulating statistics to try to prove a point. Why are there so many stupid people in here?. Have their loyalty to their club blinded them or something...

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That's due to the fact that Newcastle were set-up to disrupt how we play. Look in the first half, it was dire football from both sides. The 2nd half burst out when Newcastle showed more desire to win the game. Sure it was a lucky first goal ala christmas present however they made their luck with the move. I wouldn't go in detail with the 2nd goal as it's irrelevant when we're chasing for a point and had committed so many players up front ( Skrtel as makeshift 3rd striker). Allen has been one of the players transformed by Klopp and from what I can see he's not a bad player. I'll rather blame the entire team for playing bad instead of making one individual a target for that loss.

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What's that got to do with Joe Allen. The whole team was poor not just Allen. If you watch the heat map, Allen had charged up front 3 times compared to Lucas (big fat zero) . It's the strikers that is not doing their job. Sturridge had a poor night as a sub. Was rubbish with his control, his shooting and he even miss a 1 on 1 opportunity given by Lallana. Ibe and Firmino didn't play well either.

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Your loyalty lies to the rakyat not the party. We appoint you to do a job and you have done crap . Where's the progress?. We are still far behind Korea and Taiwan.

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LOL. The stupidity continues.... May god bless us from these UMNO donkeys.

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The stupidity continues .. Will the rally goers get RM300 , a free meal , T-Shirt and transportation as well ?. I'm thinking of going there to lepak a bit just for the money.

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There are idiots in this world .

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Childish remarks from a childish minister. Everyone knows ISA was clearly not right so just because ISA was used during Mathahir's era doesn't mean you can use SOSMA right now. Furthermore it's clearly a political agenda . Are these two guys terrorist?. Is reporting a crime an act of terrorism?. This shows that the ministers in charge right now doesn't even know what's right and what's wrong .

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How come a normal citizen that reports a crime gets arrested while these donkeys who's causing racial tensions not get arrested ?. Where's the law in this?. We are a bloody laughing stock to the entire world because our bloody leader is a crook. Seen the UN attendance when he's giving his speech?. Bloody half empty.

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Corrupted bunch of morons . Just proves they are so guilty that they will now use all sorts of rubbish means to shut the people up.