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Come on.... you make millions of dollars... no reason why you cant afford a taxi or even a limo to get you home safe.. glad you didnt hurt yourself or kill anyone but we know your better then this. Hopefully this wont happen again...

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That is Bad@ss

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Hopefully she stumbles into a baseball field and someone takes 4 swings of a baseball bat... one for each officer! :)

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Thats funny, i was just going through all those awards last night to pass some time... maybe you will remember this one too... http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2008-16....

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Great win guys! Time to book my flight to Kansas City!!!

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Thats awesome! I took abotu 30 minutes worth of video from a storn in Wyoming/Colorado last week.. I should go through it and see if I got anything cool like that :)

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This is stupid really... Yes, you want to keep people safe... but placing a warning at the trailheads should be fine... were finally getting great weather and now people cant go up there and hike there... which is thanks to the lawsuit over the guy who died last year... Go to over the cascades and hike Lake Ingalls where you will encounter between one and two donzen goats with their babies... they walk right next to you down the trail and as long as you are smart about things, you are going to be just fine... Just because some beginner hikers have felt "threatened"... isnt a reason to shut out everyone else from hiking.
Guess what, the goats arent going anywhere...

Yes, hike in groups, walking sticks are great as long as other gear you should pack... yes, i might sound pissed, but i know there are a lot of people missing out on the beauty of that part of the northwest because of a few dumb people who dont understand the outdoors or want to sue just because they can....

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damn.... Im just finishing up a 32 day roadtrip around the whole usa... one day from being back home in Seattle... I wish this article came out couple weeks earlier... would of loved to stopped there and try that out.... Sounds fun!!!

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Might sound mean, but I hope she gets hit by a Randy Johnson fastball..... this is just stupid!!

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no kidding!