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If you look at my avatar picture closely, i think you will find the same about me.

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Also, this is Hairpin but it's Mallory and makes me feel happy-weepy to read every time, which seems right for today,
hey im gaunting you ok

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From the last Aunt Acid:
People talk about hearts being broken, but it can be more useful to think of your heart as a phoenix. In terrible moments, like the one you survived, your heart can burst into flames; but then, always, it’s born again from the ashes. Be patient with yourself, and be gentle with the scrawny, squawky baby bird in your chest. It will be strong again. It just needs time.

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My tree was a magnolia in the side yard. When my parents sold my childhood home last summer I realized all I would really miss about the house were the enormous screened-in back porch and that magnolia.
Oh, Toast.

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Can't look around properly, eyes too teary.

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I am also crying. I started crying at the byline.

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My mom is in town right now and I almost feel like she's acting as emotional support. I tried to explain The Toast to her and what it has meant to me. She immediately recognized it as a source that I have sent her several articles from over the last 2-3 years and The Hairpin before that. My mom is the kind of woman who loves The Toast, even when she doesn't "get" all of it, and loves that I love it. My dad is a Dad Magazine-style dad (he sent my mom to my house with some cooling bandanas for my dogs). My friends are all wonderful and weird and geeky and clever. The Toast has enhanced my life in little every day ways, it has challenged my thinking, it has educated me, made me laugh, comforted me, but perhaps the lasting legacy of The Toast for me is the love and respect that comes through on The Toast has helped me appreciate the wonderful people in my life even more.
Thank you for filling my heart up, every day Toast and Toasties. I am forever better for knowing you and will carry forward a better, more loving, less apologetic person for all of the articles, Link Roundups, and thoughtful comments.

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I read all of these in the voice I use when I feel sorry-but-not-worried for my anxious dog.

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Oh my gosh yes.
Actually, anything by E.L. Koningsburg is a good re-read for me. I was so proud I teared up when one of the nieces said she had read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler thanks to the copy I gifted her older sister a few years back and she loved it so. She left my house this summer with my childhood copies of A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver and The View From Saturday.

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I read The Secret History thanks to Nicole!