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I saw you didn't have any pee so I fisted you

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I for one will give you fisting you'll never forget

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6.47pm and the Japanese rapture is fully under way, Godzilla is rising from the broken hulk of Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant and the cherry blossom trees have uprooted and are taking vengance against all the drunken salarymen that pissed on them during hanami. Goodbye fellow Wonkettiers, I'll never see you again because foreigners aren't allowed in Japanese heaven

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In Japan we get: 1. Jon Stewart 2. Religions 3. America 4. America 5. Translation of "enemy of democracy" into Japanese 6. America 7. America 8. America


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How dare you bunnycrack69! Jesus isn't some dirty Middle Eastern foreigner with radical religious beliefs and long scraggly beard. How dare you be so un-American? You should go back to 69ing your Bunny's crack, pervert! >:(

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Surely 'Atlas Shagged'?

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Speaking soley from my position as a socialist, progressive, secularist, islamist, pro-big government, anti-Rearden metal, crypto-commu-fascist that is thrusting the gay agenda down our children's innocent and supple young throats: I too think Bo is fat

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...and thus does the proverbial lead zepplin of DR. RON PAUL OBGYN's presidential campaign take off again. It doesn't matter how many money bombs you detonate Paultards, this is one ReLOVEution that will never get off the ground.

Edit: I'm sorry Mr. Downfisting Troll sir, for using ~tard as part of a compound insult please don't take away my precious, precious pee score ;_;

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Chuck Norris facts are a bit passé nowadays, so let's modernise some of them, Wonkette.

Never ask Chuck Norris for an autograph. Why? Because Chuck's illiterate

Chuck Norris doesn't lie, he plagiarizes other people's lies

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris believes were created by God 5000 years ago

Chuck Norris does not sleep. He's too scared of brown people

There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard, just a mouth that can't help but repeat the most idiotic and banal talking points spewed out by the right wing media.

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A terrible song, sang by a terrible person. I feel dirty and ashamed having listened to that. It's as if her grating voice was being rammed through my earholes over and over again.