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He didn't go to Singapore in 1964 but the inflammatory statements he made then were enough for LKY to label him an ultra.
"Malaysian Malaysia" would have been disruptive for Umno's rule but it would have been good for the country. Today we are moving towards it and one hopes that TDM will be around to see the dismantling of the apparatus he helped create for a system of racial and religious ascendency.

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Thank you, Mr Silombing. It was good to read your article.
The thoughts and messages here brings us hope that PDRM has many fine individuals who are carrying out their jobs with integrity and dedication. Too often, the people at PDRM seem to be carrying out the bidding of the party that won 47% of the votes but 60% of the Parliament seats - they seem tarred with the same brush.
But everywhere in Malaysia there are excellent civil servants struggling to remain clean and diligent workers. While the poisonous snake of Corruption, Dependency and Entitlement weaves its slimy way around them, hissing and murmuring cunning phrases with its forked tongue, enticing them to follow it down to Hell. May the Masters of the snake vanish in 2018.

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The number of deaths, the lack of prompt, decisive action following such custodial deaths is a disservice to all the honest, diligent, pleasant policemen serving everywhere in Malaysia. They are being tarnished by this shocking record.
The fault lies 100% squarely on the top policeman, the IGP and the man he reports to, the Home Minister.
It appears that the Press and the Judiciary, (before Court of Appeal's reversal of the open verdict in Teoh Beng Hock's case) have been taking a lame attitude - "these are people in Police custody, so they must have done something wrong, must have been petty criminals or something." This is TOTALLY UNJUST, this is condemnation before a trial, an attitude of "guilty until proven innocent."
In other countries, some senior policeman will resign because "they cannot bear the shame."
But in Malaysia, the 47% Government which lost the popular vote but won the election is shameless about it. It's business as usual.
They will certainly face God's Court one day soon. But we'd like them to look into the mirror, feel ashamed and act like honorable men. And same for women too, in positions of power..

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Finding it a bit uncomfortable in the spotlight, Mr Daim?
Not to worry, since everything you do is clean and spotless.
You're bound to be fully vindicated in the end.
Then you can focus on getting even.
Every dog has its day, after all.

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The " small group of unelected power brokers" or of any bunch of oligarchs will be severely curtailed provided:
(1) there are strong institutions such as the Electoral Commission, Judiciary and AG's Chamber, a free Press, enforcement agencies like Police and MACC where individuals act based on their conscience and the oaths of office they took
(2) enough well-educated exist who exercise freedom of expression and are activist, demanding transparency, critiquing the actions of regulators and govt officials
The cornerstone of democracy is Freedom of Expression or FOI. With it, everything is possible.
Without it, or with a crippled, craven version of it, everything can be made to suit the oligarchs or power brokers that you describe.

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"Racial pride" everyone also has. Are you sans thinking skills?
By selecting a language that is NOT one of the Mother Tongues of any race here (like Singapore did), this gives NO ONE the smug feeling of "now YOU have to learn and use MY language! Heh, heh!"
Having disposed of that issue, the next issue, back in the formative years of 1957 would be "So what non-Native language should we use then? Should we use Japanese or Thai or French as someone suggested?"
But at that time, there were numerous English-medium schools, either Government or Missionary like ACS, St Xaviers, St Johns Institution, all over the country. English, even then, was a world language spoken in the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand. India and the language of much international business. We had the English schools and thousands of English trained teachers.
Why not English? That's what Singapore did.
And now our Unis are soo much better than theirs, and 300,000 well-qualified Singaporeans are working here, building up our economy. Oops, I got it upside down.
If you are ignorant, don't open your mouth and prove it.

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Easily confused people - what do you expect?
They see a girl in baju kurung and they think she is a bad Muslim girl who won't wear the tudung.
But she is Chinese and a non-Muslim.
The FORM is much more important than the SUBSTANCE, to these small-minded folks.

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"If we want to go to heaven, we must die an honorouble death," student Yusran Budiman told the NYT. "One of the easiest ways is to die a martyr. Personally, I would like to die a martyr."
Sounds like the LAZY WAY to go to Heaven.
Lazy and murderous. Cheh! Nothing to do with religion.

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According to an August 2008 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, those groups currently categorized as racial minorities—blacks and Hispanics, East Asians and South Asians—will account for a majority of the U.S. population by the year 2042. In 1998, President Bill Clinton, in a now-famous address to students at Portland State University, remarked: "Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California. In a little more than 50 years, there will be no majority race in the United States."
So your statement that the US is more than 80% white is WRONG!
Next, the repeal of "separate but equal" laws was a key focus of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. In Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), the Supreme Court outlawed segregated public education facilities for blacks and whites at the state level. Before this whites were even imprisoned for teaching blacks!
But after the 1954 SC decision, busing was used to move students around as a way to enforce desegregation in schools.
We too need to rethink the education policies here which have all seemed to entrench the "ascendancy of the majority."
Firstly, we want to have Chinese, Indians and East Malaysian Ministers of Education and more Chinese , Indians and East Malaysian and Orang Asli, teachers in our education system, both administration and teaching personnel.
Next we want to have respect for the religions of all our peoples, shown on School Notice Boards and organization not just totally following ONE religion to the exclusion of all others. Is this against the law?

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We cannot ignore the Singapore model. I have to repeat the boring statistics which some may not have heard. With 1/500 the land size, 1/6 the population, no huge oil palm, rubber and commodity crops estates, no Oil, no Gas, BUT same kinds of people Malay, Chinese and Indian, Singapore's GDP IS 94% of ours. Not 10% or 20% but NINETY-FOUR PERCENT! That is shocking.
Lee Kuan Yew said, soon after 1965, "If we used any of the local Mother tongues as our Official Language, the other races would be resentful. So we used English for the Official Language of Government, Business and Education while preserving Malay as the National Language."
Result? They were a First World country 25 years ago while we are STILL struggling to reach Wawasan 2020, remember the slogan created in 1991?
The message here is: "Who da Boss? Its US !" And we are the eternal Others.
And they say "Me Boss, you follow my lingo, I blare my religion over TV and Radio, you cannot, or else! I send my guys to grab your holy book, grab your dead relatives if I think fit., block you calling your God in the name you have been using for 100 years. And U Must Not Object!"
And they scratch their heads and wonder:
" Why? We have been so kind to these immigrants. Why do they dislike our policies and vote against us and migrate? Why? Why?"
Bullies, that's why.