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Wow, what a feat of Rep. King! However why did not Rep. King pose some more important questions:

Is Obama himself exempt from the Law?

What is his real name: Obama? Soetoro? Soebarakch? Bounel?

How does it agree with the law to produce coarse forgeries of his personal docs, to stole his SS number from a deceased Mr. Bounel?

How does it agree with the 2008 Sen. Res. 511 on McCain (re-asserting the definition of the US Natural Born citizen) that Obama officially born to a non-US citizen, and later became a citizen of Indonesia?

Not even mentioning the suspicious deaths of Obama's homosexual "friends" and recently of Ms. Fuddy who authored his computerized copy of the BC?

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Here is a side effect in this generally very good article. In a tradition of the classical rhetoric, the author quotes and re-quotes the numerous facts all indicating the same grotesque reality of the day: THE TRUTH BECAME IRRELEVANT! The truth about Israel is irrelevant in the "corridors of power" outside (and inside) of Israel, so that the author is rightfully enraged about it.

Yet there is one more damning truth which IS KEPT AS THOUGH IRRELEVANT in Israel. This is the truth about illegitimacy and plain thievery of a resident of the White House with uncertain names Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel - and yet Israel keeps negotiating and taking orders from that usurper as though it were business as usual!

Instead of revealing the truth since day one in 2008 and keeping it on the surface, Israel negotiates with an impostor with certain names, whose SS# is stolen, all produced docs were proven forged, and who never qualified as US Natural Born already in 2008 according to his own bio!

Instead of writing about a former Israeli citizen Dr. Orly Taitz - now a real heroine of America akin to Joan of Arch, Israel too obediently maintains a taboo on the issue and negotiates with a nation which turned into an unconstitutional entity, Null and Void.

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To leave the Temple Mount to the muslim Waqf after the 1967 war was not magnanimity, but stupidity of the Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan and the entire leadership. They misunderstood or downplayed the Spiritual significance and the God's plan of their mission.

They had missed the unique window of opportunity to make a dramatic turn in the history into the direction pointed out by God. They ought to immediately remove the mosques from there and prepare this sacred place for the Third Temple:

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This is really a moronic situation in a moronic nation!

The grotesqueness - surrealism! - of the situation is in that during the 5 ugly years this rotten nation lives with a ticking bomb! During 5 ugly years this crazy surrealistic society is weighing the legalistic aspects (!) of who or which of the authorities has a LEGAL RIGHT to intervene and to NEUTRALIZE the ticking bomb - something which must be done first no matter what!

Instead of the immediate jumping on and disabling of the White House terrorist by ANY MEANS by any conscientious citizens within the reach; Instead of throwing oneself on the triggered grenade first and thinking later, the entire nation keeps playing the legalistic chess as to who is really authorized to neutralize the ticking bomb!

The entire nation behaves like a "legalistic" passenger in a novel "Airport" who returned the bomb to the suicidal passenger during the flight because it was taken from the suicider "illegally"...

Shame on you America!

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Neo-Marxism was already here in the end of 1950s - as Skousen revealed its agenda: . America was controlled by sovetskih for the last 80 years - see "American Betrayal" by Diana West. And the Sheriff Arpaio's team acts as a plan-B "controlled opposition" making us to believe as though they are after Obama/Soetoro's crimes and ineligibility. Their real goal however is to prevent the full exposure by any means; To bury the ineligibility forever reading the lips and following the wish of the treasonous conservative brass and GOP.

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Mr. Pipes. Enough already of your false mantra as though the "radical" Islam is the problem and that "moderate" Islam is the solution! Even the Turkey ridicules you with this delusion.

You are misidentifying our goals. Our enemy is exactly islam, period. However we do not really need to defeat islam globally. Much less must we care that the mythical "modern" islam could emerge (if ever).

Our goal must be to completely rid of islam here and keep it contained far away in their own crapistans there. In doing this we must also stop trading oil with them and stop empowering them by transferring the enormous wealth.

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Here are non-blurred images! Use them everywhere! Burn and shred korans publicly!

Make the lives of moslems here a bit uncomfortable. They do not belong here anyway. America must rid of islam completely.

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You wrote: "then start your own local tea party..." In a sense, that was exactly what I thought needed to be done: establishing of a truly patriotic party, which at least recognizes the scope of a disaster America is in. That is why I started with the Platform already in 2006: even if being a party of one...

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Why is defending against the global jihad "controversial"? Because GOP/CPAC is taken by the juhadists Here is why.

Because the "C" in CPAC stands for Censorship (as another comment put it). Because the Censorship became so much a soup de jour for the so called "conservative" movement now that Pamela Geller herself engaged in an ugly suppression of the speech of Dr. Orly Taitz during the "Uninvited conference" arranged under the CPAC roof for the "censored" speakers.

That is how dhimmies of ALL evil powers end up.

As Captain Neil Turner brilliantly wrote

... they must look themselves in the mirror each morning wondering "who (or what) has the power to make me lose my way ... and my mind ... and my shame ... and my conscience?"

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Tea Party?! You must be joking! Look at this:

Spencer was told that one of the co-sponsors of the award,, didn't want to allow him to receive the award at CPAC next week unless he promised not to criticize two board members of CPAC’s hosting organization, the American Conservative Union: Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan.

This is the "roof" of the movement you invest your hopes... Are you happy? Not to mention their ugly resistance to anything revealing ineligibility and thievery of Obama/Soetoro.