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Bingo, Bingo, Bingo.... Fight to win or stay out of it. Whites are being overrun by races who hate us or will never agree with us, its all part of overwhleming the system, like good marxists do until, Bang what a surprize, collapse...

Ask your self what has a minority done for you lately ??? That's what I thought..

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People, ask your self this question

What has the country postively gained from 50 yrs of Affirmative Action and the Great Society experiment from the Progressive/marxist in the Demathug party?

After the billions $$ spent we still have blacks responsible for the majority of crime in this country and now Osambo has shown his BLT racist side for all around the world and here at home to see. He wants his pound of flesh from YT.

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Gates is a long time elitist racist with a hate YT block on his scrawny little scholarly shoulder. I've watched this hater for years spewing his racism and BLT on CNN, NPR and MSNBC to name a few while the white interviewers never call him on it due their fear of being called a racist..

Any apology coming from this racist would be meaningless. Many of his ilk have their chests puffed out since the Messiah came on the scene and now they can't contain themselves as they figure the fix is in (probably is).

Wake Up America the majority is under open attack, expect it to get worse.

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Go get em Sarah. By 2010 the country will be in bankruptcy and looking for a honest leader to lead us out. Get out there and speak about country not the lousy crooked politicians who have sold us out.

As the lefties and the Marxist Osambo continue their attacks and beleive their own BS the country is running away from them en masse. Except for the loony toon kool aid consumers who hang around conservative sites spewing their malacious childish talking points.

Want to see the demathugs latest creation on Health Care HR 3200 version from July 24th, 2009. 1017 pages of massive Government takeover and control and direct fining/taxing for our good. Osambo and its Marixst regime must be stopped. htttp://

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So many of todays so called journalists are making excuses for Islam and their murdering ways against us infidels. I find it ironic that so many of these muzzie sympathizers are being killed in muzzie countries or countries under attack/invasion by muzzies. We all know Osama Sotero is a muzzie as he has NOT attended a Christian church since entering office. He attended Wrights BLT church of white hate for 20 yrs. and US press didn't investigate, only FOX and they have been cutoff from the Osambo regime. What does that tell you fellow Americans? It tells me Osambo can't stand up to real honest journalism. It will be a sad comment on our media when the truth finally breaks.

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Part #2
CA goes broke spending 90% on program costs so they won't lose 10% from Fed, it is insanity. The mindset is mindboggling and very informative as to us citizens about how left and out of touch government have become. You watch thes epeopel come in and out of hearings by the dozens and I think who is paying for this mess? That's right you and I.

We just had a special election/propositions 3 months ago and these fools already forgot what we told them, lower spending, use common sense and NO new taxes, it went right over their rectal cranial inverted selves.

Wake Up America its time for real Hope & Change not this lefty socialist BIG Gov crapola.

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Part #1
The liberal socialist fools in Sacatomatoes have finally driven over the edge. If you get a chance to watch the State Senate/House on TV you will see why it is amess. It seems like every blood sucking union is at every hearing to throw their lousy 2 cents into everything. Saying we can do the work instead of contractors, so the state ends up hiring 50 temps that turn into 50 permanent jobs and it goes on and on. All the while the taxpayer is supporting 10+ million illegals from around the world, robbing the produce growers/ranchers of their water and raising taxes to drive business to NV along with the jobs. CA has and is doing what our Messiah is trying to do now in DC but on an even more massive scale. BTW: Watching these budget battles on CA TV there is a constant barrage of how much we will loose in Fed monies instead of worrying about if the program is useful or has common sense.

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What is really infuriating with politicians is their abandonment of the people. They have known the country has been under attack from Progressives/Socialists/Commies since the turn of the century. Post WWI and WWII it really picked up steam and then again in 60's with Vietnam till today. If they had any brass or sand they would have been screamig bloody murder, but I guess when McCarthy got raked over the goals and his investigations were distorted the pols clammed up like the cowards they are.

You've all seen this but here it is again: Norman Mattoon Thomas: Socialism and the DNC.
A leading American socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

The Socialist Party candidate for President of the U.S., Norman Thomas, said this in a 1944 speech:

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."
He went on to say: "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform."

Wake Up America its time to get Real.

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Steele may be getting the message.. I don't want to hear long winded BS stories from pols when I ask a question. A Yes or No will suffice until the next question is asked. Dems let out today on more than one occassion that this is actually "Universal health care" the socilaists are pushing, like we didn't know already.

Get governement out fo health care completely, it is not the feds job. Health care is going broke because govt. is making private payers/providers pay for those that don't, ,won't or can't pay. We can't afford this Progressive/Socialist malarky for any reason, you get sick why is your hand in my pocket? Your are here illegally, no way will I pay!! Illegals next to me get Sect #8, county mental health, SSI for the kids because of no daddy baby around, insane must stop. California and other states are drowning in this BS.

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Part #3

Has anyone heard the media ask any of these pols why we are in such a Health care mess? The media all nip around the edges, acting like they are pols themselves. We know the problem with health care is that the govt. has forced all of us to pay for American style health care regardless of the patients ability to pay, it is as simple as that. They have been robbing the private insurers, hospitals and providers for way too long now. Hell, there isn't even an attempt these days to recover these costs from the bums.

I don't think you should be treated to full blown health care unless you can pay for it especially if you are not a citizen. Its not my repsonsibility to pay for your status, same applies to tax code these days, why aren't %49 paying fed taxes right now, how is that fair? Why should I pay for your food, housing and medical and burial from cradle to grave, generation to generation in our wonderful inner cities ? Enough already.