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Wait, you mean the Euro deal isn't really a solution? The Europeans must have learned from Obama that there's no sense in actually creating a plan when you can just announce you created a plan.

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As others have said before, get ready for Anita Hill Round II.

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Is this what Joe Biden meant when he said there would be more rapes and murders if Republicans didn't vote for Obama's tax--er, I mean--jobs bill?

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This article succinctly lists several reasons that all add up to one conclusion: whoever wins the Republican primary almost automatically wins the White house.

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I wonder if Obama was as "proud" when these noble public servants called for killing all the crackers' babies,, as he is of Richard Trumka for his remarks about the Tea Party.

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Wait, I thought liberals were supposed to be a bunch of compassionate, peace-loving, flower children! This is soooo weird.

This reminds me of that story about the liberal woman that interrupted Paul Ryan's dinner over a 300-dollar bottle of wine his dinner guests bought. For people who so often tout their "enlightenment," they sure do behave like adolescents alot.

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Finding that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, although it would be welcome in itself, would nevertheless represent a hollow victory for the conservative cause if the Court does not embrace the States' arguments on severability. I am pleased that the NFIB has rightly focused on this critical issue.

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I doubt the President earned himself any brownie points when he confused Jews and janitors.

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When Democrats bail on disaster relief to keep the precious green programs alive, it begs a question: just who is it, exactly, putting a gun to the heads of the American people?