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Incentives are always interesting... so Bing got a bunch of Farmville-playing fans. Is that their target?

Sometimes an incentive can tie in nicely with a product or service: I wouldn't think twice about fanning a clothing brand if it meant I could win a sweater from them, but I'd feel wrong fanning a mechanic's shop to win an iPad. At that point, it seems slimy. But we've seen banks do it in the real world for how long now? Open an account and get $50. The bank gets what they want (your money) and you get their reward.

At some point, we'll start realizing that follower numbers don't really mean much.. frankly I'm surprised we're still not there. But it'll come.

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>And PF Chang’s had NO expectation of getting anything more out of it.

do you think? PF Changs just identified a restaurant critic.. do you really believe there was no expectation (or at least hope) that the recipient wouldn't tweet again about the special treatment she received?

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4. Do what you want to get paid to do.

In my last year of college, people asked what I wanted to do with my French/Spanish degree, and I replied that I wanted to be a web developer. A friend (who wanted to be a magazine editor) and I started an online magazine. We recruited volunteer authors and got books, movie passes and products to review, I built the site, we did some grassroots marketing, and we were off! The site was named a "Yahoo! Canada Site of the Week" within a month of launch (March, 2000), and within 6 months I had a web job, and she had an editor job.

Great experience? Yeah. Demonstrated initiative? Sure. Proven passion? Definitely.

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Wow, that's fun! Although adding a few more descriptive search terms along with the name would work as well (and also ensure the correct person came up!)

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I think the stumbling block is that "expert" is not a title. Am I a running expert? no, although I do it often, enjoy it, and do well at it. If people ask what I do, I tell them the activities I engage in or my title, I don't offer up commentary on my proficiency at it.

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>Bottom line, don't be shy - no one is judging you

Some people see more afraid to post online because it seems so "permanent", but then there are the folks who seem less concerned about etiquette and being polite, because they're hiding behind a keyboard..