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An alien vs predator game.. I would be all over that..

I think there are some books that really lend themselves to a miniature wargame as well. Like the Wheel of Time, Malazan Book of the Falle and the Polity series.

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It wasn't the nekkid men that freaked me out, it was that thing with the big tits :(

you're right about getting wacky though! And come on SinSynn, we all know you're a bad person ;) Well, alright.. Ambitious then..

True, but you'd still be having a better time than actually being on public transport.

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Why? Why would you do this? Thanks alot man, I won't be sleeping for a week thanks to you :(
Fuck me, I need to go bleach my brain.

On the subject of Kingdom Death's evil men I'd like to add the Dragon King's human form. He has a pimp cane and conforms to The_Warlock's bald guy thrope!

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Hey SinSynn!

I agree completely. A good while back I heard about dystopians wars, checked out the site and filed it under 'meh'.

I don't really get it. What Corvus Belli does with providing the rules for free is more the exception than the norm I think, but alot of the smaller companies at least have quick start rules available. That said, I don't think it's bad for a company to make their entire ruleset available. It removes the barriers to play almost completely. All you need is some models to try it out. And lets be honest, most people who discover Infinity are people who already own at least a few models. Besides, I know the rules are free, the books have quirky translation sometimes and that parts of the fluff are available online, but I still bought the books. Because I love the game and the fluff, but also because I didn't have to. I showed me that Corvus Belli has faith in their products to stand on their own merrits beyond 'you must buy this or you can't play'.

But anyway, looks like you put dystopian wars back into 'might be interesting' category. Although I do prefer sci-fi over steampunk.

Ps: I hope things get more xenos friendly in the near future and I'm very glad to hear that The Crazy Lady is doing better. I also hope The Ultimate Rival cools down. Alot of converts feel the need to prove that they are true believers, both to themselves and to those around them.