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The principles of the Governments stance on this issue are correct. The State should not be responsible for feeding children. However, the Politics of it are not favourable at the moment with the BBC and Labour spinning this for all it is worth. The Government should stop digging a deeper hole, find a form of words and Policy that address the problem and move on. I just wonder about the quality of advice that Ministers are getting.

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As a 70 year old man I agree entirely with the views expressed in this article. It is incumbent on the elderly and vulnerable to be responsible for their own protection. Sensible measures such as wearing masks, social distancing and not mixing households for the foreseeable future are all that is necessary for self protection. If young people wear masks, social distance from older people and do not enter the homes of vulnerable and elderly people they should then be allowed to live their lives normally. At the same time this will keep the economy going too.

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Thanks for responding. I agree with the points that you make. Unfortunately, we can never have a 'Spring in our step', whichever party is in power, as our choice is usually limited to which one will do the least harm to Britain.

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The Prime Minister is rapidly going from Hero to Zero. It's no surprise given his mainly shambling, detached performance to date. If his health has not recovered and it is affecting his ability to do his job then he should stand down. His Cabinet is also full of lightweights , some of whom are totally out of their depth.
Things cannot go on as they are. I have never been so alarmed at the state of Britain and how it is governed. I never thought that I would experience such doubts with a Conservative government in power.

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Mark Wallace is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land with his assertion that we should welcome up to three million departees from Hong Kong.
Has he not noticed that much of our countryside is to be tarmaced and bricked over because of a severe housing shortage? Has he also failed to notice that much of the Country's infrastructure is becoming dysfunctional because of demand overload?
Britain is in no position to accept the World's war torn huddled masses. It is deeply worrying that our politicians fail to realise this. It is nothing to do with race, it is all about facing reality.

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Well said. There may be a legal distinction allowing genuine refugees to enter another country to effect an asylum case. However, how many safe countries are they allowed to effect illegal entry through before settling on their country of choice? It's like offering a burglar, who is acting illegally, a room in your home.

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Individual responsibility is a noble concept in theory. Unfortunately, many individuals interpret it to mean doing legally whatever they want to do regardless of the impact on others.
I am a Pensioner and I visit my local Supermarket once a week. I always wear a mask and gloves. It astonished me that I am very much in the minority . Even many people of my own generation are not wearing any protection. Some can't be bothered to social distance either, walking back and forth close to others.
'Trust the People', no thanks. I would rather the government force many of them to behave responsibly.

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The role of PCCs should have been as an independent Watchdog. Unfortunately, the decision to have them campaign on political party lines robbed them of any perception of neutrality. Added to which politicising them made it appear that this was just another job creation scheme for failed politicians at national and local levels.
To make matters worse, many of them appear to have gone native and simply go along with the woke policing policies of some of their Chief Constables.
The Home Office should be responsible for policing policy. The appointment of PCCs only creates an extra costly and unneccessary layer of governance.

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The silent majority now lack any representation. Politicians are the prisoners of noisy minority and single interest groups. We should be asking our political class "Who now speaks for the real England?"

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The Civil Service and the BBC are using this crisis to re-fight the Brexit battle that they lost. No doubt, in their fevered imaginations, their hysterical reporting will somehow convince the people that we are helpless without the support of the European Union. The BBC in particular has done a dreadful job in reporting this crisis. It almost glories in the daily shroud waving . It is to be hoped that when this crisis is over the Government has the fortitude to reform this smug, antiquated broadcasting arm of the Public Sector.