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Frightening possibility which did cross my mind as well, particularly when asking why msm would let the cat out of the bag that their darling Áñez et al are preparing to jump ship.
That certainly makes it look like Arce would have legitimate plans to prosecute, but again, why would the msm want to promote that idea?

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The loathsome saga that is the persecution of Julian Assange is the quintessential reflection of the depths to which power has taken the judiciary, media and so-called human rights orgs.
Mauritzi has been a lighthouse for journalism but I would disagree with 1 pt. she makes.
There is indeed a plot when you consider how an editor and journalist has been hunted and persecuted for a decade, first because he was simply wanted for questioning in an investigation concerning allegations of sexual misconduct (allegations which were refuted by one of the parties requesting the investigation) and then on jumping bail. The list of misconduct and illegalities committed by authorities has been endless during this sordid affair and magnified in the UK's "judicial" extradition proceedings.

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The social fabric's not unravelling at all but undergoing a metamorphosis, into a cocoon-like fabric spun suffocatingly to entrap prey.
The spider's now seeking to abort its own brood...

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"Black lives matter is not a stoppable phenomenon - by a bullet or anything else" V. Jones. Particularly why state agents provocateurs have invested such efforts towards compromising it.
Netflix coming out at this time with this otherwise great doc is at best questionable. Wouldn't expect it to mention Gary Webb's great journalism though in exposing the insidious takedown of entire minority neighbourhoods by alphabetters in collusion with the likes of those who authored the profitable 3 strikes abomination.

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Certainly "we are led by dangerous knaves" - but by "dangerous fools"?
Either as an idiot´s reincarnation as a deadly virus, culling the herd or mowing the grass - however you wish to see it, the insidious narcissists' agenda appears far from folly.

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One might assume that the powers behind the curtain may be as surprised as you at the acquiescence of the people in our enduring the bald-faced and criminal abuse that is being hoisted on the global population.
They've heard but whimpers in response to the murder of millions, the destruction of entire societies, the environment, the natural world let alone domestic politicking.
What will it take for the subjugated to rise up, they ask - so that we can unleash the power of true subjugation on them?
Bucky was on the mark - "To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete".

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People trapped in a dire situation easily succumb to their desperation, setting themselves up for a crash landing - sigh.

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We can help Chelsea - go to

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"Do we want endless war and bankruptcy, or do we want peace, prosperity and good will?" So simple, it´s precisely that which citizens need to ask themselves - daily.

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And then there´s one particular Israeli vaccine...