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I adore the redemption of Petra - even though yes, she has done many very unforgivable things - and her friendship / bond / sisterhood with Jane is the most incredible thing. For me the standout is Jane beside Petra as she gives birth, that is so emotional and beautiful and I'm not crying, you're crying!

Their bond in motherhood is fabulous. Support before, during and after the birth of the twins.

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I loved the use of colour, rich bright colour that we don't always see on TV. There was a lot of teal, and peach, Petra would often wear the colours that were the Marbella decor.

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I thought this episode, this choice, was kind of weird. It's *nice* but weird? I don't think they're wasting an episode but ... they're kind of wasting an episode.

However, I teared up so much seeing Michael take his vows in Spanish again.

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I watched this Wednesday August 5th and it felt such a big deal at the time. I felt upset beginning it and had been putting it off quite a bit.

Rafael is so cute with his happiness for author Jane!


Semi-sad that no one seems to get honeymoons on this show.

I've got my headphones on and SHOUT OUT to the beautiful music. Not sure if it's changed but it's been a bit more developed lately, it's playing right through this. I really loved the score for this episode.

I honestly forgot we didn't know about Rafael's parents.

"I know what you mean, buddy"

"Mateo, why are your pants off?"

It's so cute that Mr De La Vega and Danny are there!

I feel we've had to move a bit away from Alba this season - we never got any resolution with her family, which I thought we might.

I just really hope that's the right USB ... (flashbacks of Jane sending her accidental sex video)

Phone Dennis!

IT'S THE BUS! Although, um, okay, public transportation disruptor (I would prefer it was a Not In Service empty bus).

Rogelio's Vanity Fair cover was very handsome and less poorly photoshopped.

What is Petra wearing?!

I tried to pause before JR was on screen to type this, but she's here! Yay! (I don't remember seeing her in the credits even though I saw everyone else, like .....)

Petra is so desperate! It's gorgeous!

Seriously, whoever chose the awful pink frocks on the adult attendants ...


"Spanish impaired" (I am very Spanish impaired as it is uncommon here! And also I am useless at remembering any languages now that I am very old.)

Awww the lasso reminded me of my cousin's wedding.

ALL THE TEARS. Honestly, I am *wrecked*. In a good way, but wrecked. It's so astonishing to watch shows end, to have the chance to wrap things up. You don't necessarily love every moment but they are full of the important things for the story and the characters, and like I said, they just wreck you.

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My only notes on this one were how luminous Bridget Regan's eyes were, and how I liked how her fall mirrored Roman's from the star of the series to bookend the show with soapy drama.

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I watched this July 31st when the 2nd season of Umbrella Academy dropped, and there's Allison / Emmy Raver-Lampman!

You. Go. Alba!

I was hoping Luisa was still good / setting Rose up and it was such a relief to see that was true.

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Rogelio and River are so determined about their mission!

Awww Anna and Ellie hugging Jane is so cute. It's all a bit morally iffy but it sure is cute. They're a team!

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Whoa, the idea of like ... sister-kids? But I was kind of surprised no one supported Jane supporting Lina more, even if their comments seemed reasoned.

Is Raf dropping out on things already? "Day drinking? Is he turning back into the old Rafael?" (Later in the episode I followed those notes with: Rafael!! Ffs! You suck! Already!)

Will Jane have to keep that dress? I guess it's okay if you get rid of the sleeves ...

I'm glad they didn't kill off Ro, that seemed a bit of a stunt threat.

I suppose we haven't really seen much of Jane as the stepmom?

Oh no! Dark rainy garage! Plus someone in the credits we haven't seen yet ... Where's Petra even driving at night anyway? And then there's Magda with her matching patterned eyepatch, and a cliffhanger while I don't want to watch more than two episodes! (I think you can't binge when there's only a handful of episodes to go.)

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"Jane! Get out here!"

I have a note that says: I can only count 11 or 12 people? (I got a different result both times) - I think I was talking about people who Jane and Rafael could actually invite to their wedding. You folks don't have friends, or other relatives, it's just two households!

Omgwtf sewing machine!

Foxy 70s Alba is incredible.

WHAT folks you should have heard how loud I took a breath. I cannot even believe that Alba cheated! That is terrible and IMMORAL, Alba. (I'm pretty easy-going and forgiving, but for Alba's character this really shocked me.)

I do think it's really sad that Xo has no confidence in herself to pursue studies, or does struggle too much with them.

"But I don't mind if people die." This was the BEST SCENE. #TeamPetra


I'm finding it hard to commit to watching my last few episodes! I don't want it to end.

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Hey Brooke Davis!

"I am not a big fan of wearing pants after 9pm." (This is so 2020 ... or me most weekends.) [I work actual weekends so I am wearing pants.]

I was taken aback by Raf's quick to anger response r.e. Julie but then he was smiling and joking straight away again.

"Put on your party panties, I'm on my way!"

I love how Xo and Ro got Darci to set River up! That is smart.

Jane and Petra fuh-riends! (I know it's repetitive but I love them so.)

Oh darn, why didn't I comment on Krishna's revenge face last chapter?

Awww, Jane's all pretty at the bench, is it going to happen ...? And that theme reminds me of Wait from Grey's Anatomy.