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No, that's not true. As I mentioned above, the whole point of the recess appointment was to fill vacancies if the Senate wasn't around to get the job done. I don't think you and I read the same Federalist Papers if you're talking about the "slow gears of democracy."

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Fair enough, I realize I didn't make that clear enough.

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No, let me try to explain it better: the Tea Party was only effective when it was working within the confines of the political process- not when they had a March on Washington, for example. You could argue they were successful when they showed up at townhall meetings and asked questions. But, as Peter pointed out, ObamaCare passed. Crucially,however, the Tea Party used elections to further their agenda.

Mark seems to be mocking that kind of activism (which is similar to what Stud Gov and the Campus Y are doing) in favor of the protests to which I am referring: taking over the Wisconsin State Capitol, occupying the Peace and Justice Plaza in Chapel Hill, or occupying places in California universities.

Does that make any sense? Maybe not, I could be drawing an artificial distinction. But it seems like the only protests that are successful aren't just protests- they have to have a strong element directly involved within the political process.

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I'd put what the Tea Party did with Obamacare in the same category as what Student Government or the Campus Y are doing with tuition right now. They worked within the political process to get their message across and then converted that message into a winning political agenda. Contrast that with the almost nihilist protests of OWS or, say, the London riots or anything SDS does. That kind of protesting is futile because it won't change anything.

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A room in a public building at a public university is, to me, in a public place. In principle, I don't see the difference.

Question: should a state actor like UNC get involved in debates about what is and is not needed for proper worship in a particular religious tradition? Hypothetically, a Christian group could say that they require a crucifix to properly practice their religion. Should UNC reply, "No, you don't"? If so, then why allow a wash basin because that is definitely involving the university in the debate over proper religious practices within Islam.

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Dear Mr. Neal,

You're right in point out that I was unduly harsh in implying you had taken leave of your senses. Many of my friends have only good things to say about you, so I apologize for the insult.

I suppose the petition in and of itself is innocuous enough and there is definitely room for conservatives to be far more suspicion that our law and order heritage would allow. That being said, given the events surrounding the petition, I think we should view it in its political context which is vehemently anti-police (symbolized by the appearance of the posters I showed in a recent post). I have no doubt that you don't share those sentiments, but many of the people supporting the petition do based on my own conversations with the occupiers and the news reports coming from the town council meeting.

You've convinced me of the merits of your petition, though. I should have simply condemned the excesses of some of its supporters instead.

Again, my apologies for insulting you. And thanks for your contribution. Much appreciated.


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I've attended two general assemblies, interviewed several members of Occupy Chapel Hill, and spoke with several members of Occupy UNC. I think I know what the movement is about- if we agree that there is a telos.

Great, you have a PhD. That doesn't mean you understand economics and how we can actually improve individuals' station in the world. Greg Mankiw also has a PhD and would disagree with your positions.

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The evidence you show to support your position is convincing, I'll have to say.

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Not really. One of her book's premise (End of America) was that Bush was a fascist and America was in 1930s Germany. That's not "balanced."