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Wh doesn't anyone take any responsibility for their actions anymore? The stupid girl made a choice to get drunk and put herself in a very bad situation. The rape was still wrong but it's not like this was sone random crime. There is more to this story than we know about. The headline is an attention grabber but I'm sure most of the kids watching had no idea a rape was even taking place. The girl was probably so drunk she wasn't fighting back so to the passerby it didn't look like rape. This entire story is misleading.

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I don't care what the legal definition is. This I do know, if I shoot a man in the back 7 times for any reason I'm going to be charged with murder 1 because it was my intent to kill the man. Manslaughter is when you didn't intend to kill a person but they died because of something you did to injure them. Why should a cop not be held to the same standards? He knew he was going to kill that man and he's a cold blooded murderer. One day he will have to face God for what he did so no matter what the outcome here is he's going to pay.

Bottom line is you don't kill a drunk man because he's not complying the way you want him to.

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Too bad it wasn't you that got gunned down. This world could use one less idiot.

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I just want to say that I completely respect the other officer involved in the incident for standing his ground and doing what's right by telling th truth. That tales guts and he put his entire career on the line by doing so. The reason we don't see more of these cops held accountable is because it's way too common for cops to lie to peo
protect one another and rare for a cop to speak out against a fellow cop that did something wrong.

There was never a doubt that what this co did was very wrong. The only people that are going to stand behind the cop (murderer) are other cops that are jacked up in 'roids and their judgement is way off.

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And that my friend is why I put cops right up there with scum like child molesters. Total scum of society yet are too scared to enter general pop. What wussies, you did the crime now be a man and do the time like a man.

He won't though because this coward shot an unarmed man in the back. Total coward.

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Hmm... Never been arrested or had even a minor scrape with the law besides for a couple parking tickets and I'm against the rash of police shootings lately. You are so blind that anyone that says anything against a police officer must be some wanted felon or crazed criminal. It's attitudes like yours why our criminal justice system is do screwed up. How you passed the psych test to become a cop God only knows....

One thing is crystal clear, you spend a lot of time here posting, I can't see how you are working as a cop. Most cops I know are too busy to be worried about what someone says about them on a message board. Admit it, you live in your mommys basement and can't even get a job as a rent a cop. Social retard...

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You really are an idiot aren't you? The car didn't come close to running down the lady. This story has been the same since day one. The car never cans close to running over anyone. You don't know how to read. What's scary is the fact that you claim to be a cop. I don't believe you for one second but if that is true only proves any retard without sound judgement can carry a gun and a badge.

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The only problem I have with this is that moron cop should have been charges with murder! I hope Troy meets bubba in prison. Maybe l the other trigger happy cops around here will take notice and think twice before gunning down suspects. I hope to see more cops held accountable for their behavior.

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I was there for that earthquake and it was a joke. I think it killed as dog. Some bricks fell off a building, so what? Try living in LA where we have real earthquakes. Remember Northridge? You overreacted to a very small event. All you Seattlelites overreact. It's in your DNA. Guess what? The rest of the country doesn't even know the Northwest exsists. Most people think Seattle is that rainy city outside of Washington DC. You people are not important to the rest of us.

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At least I'm A+!