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Congrats David!

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We're already seeing original Nintendos being fashionable. Who doesn't love playing the original Mario? Maybe in 20 years people will still want to play Rock Band.

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Those are great thoughts - just what we need. Thanks!

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Whoops - :-)

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Thanks, awesome comments.

Colin: it is rewarding to be doing this in Clemson, but it certainly isn't easy. I wouldn't worry about being transient. I'd worry about being somewhere that gives you the best quality of life - whether that's in the southeast or not. You have plenty of time to explore.

Rob: I'm sure your time will come to make your mark in this state. You're already doing it by spreading the Clemson name across the country and showing everyone that there are people doing brilliant things in this state.

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Yes - another good improvement on the model. Who wants to start a company?

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Trying to do this with at least a visible rating model is worth applause. Very cool to see Stevie Wonder at number one. I always wonder how his music managed to skip over my generation.

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Good point - you're probably right. Startups demand commitment - something probably lacking from someone who is willing to be traded.

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Good call on Hellboy. I guess if we fail we could just add 2 to our name, or we just become "Incredible" like the Hulk. Or we could "Return" or "Begin" ala Superman/Batman. Or we could be very successful, take 20 years off, and relive our glory days. (Indiana Jones, Terminator, Die Hard, Star Wars.) The parallels between startups and movies ....

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In traditional journalism it's common practice for letters to the editor to be modified/edited for language/context/grammar. There's nothing wrong with this if the commenter has full information before posting. Secondly, the capability for a commenter to remove postings provides insurance against misrepresentation. But, the idea of a person besides myself editing my comment is certainly a frightening thought.

Why not create a process ex ante for providing information to commenters of the blogger's policy for editing/moderating comments. Then let the market figure it out.