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Sounds like you did amazing! You made it through! Does it help to see a dentist that has a TV on the ceiling or lets you wear headphones to listen to music?

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Genre fiction time- is anyone voting for the Hugos that has strong feelings about what deserves a win? And is anyone going to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Diego next month? I'm going for work and it would be amazing to meet Toasties there!
In other news I'm on desk and it's toddler storytime. Everyone is screaming, I got 4 hours too little sleep because I stayed up playing Borderlands, and my coworker just offered to do a Starbucks run for me so I am in actual tears.

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Toasties, my chinchilla is sick. D: I need to take her to the vet, but I am the only librarian at work today (there's usually at least 4 of us), so I can't get her to the vet just yet. I feel like a horrible pet mom, she's been with me almost 12 years and I just want her to not be in pain.
Please share any miracle pet cure stories...

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I'm a super worrywart (yay anxiety!) and once when I was worrying at him my brother told me, "You need to Put That Shit Down."

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Back in the day, Limyaael on Livejournal did an amazing series of articles on fantasy cliches and worldbuilding. Luckily it is still archived:

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You are a saint- being a bridesmaid just sounds like so much WORK. The most I've managed is half a groomswoman in a cancelled wedding (still have the dress I paid for though ).

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I feel like I'm being evicted D: Where else can one find such a quality community???

In other news my boss and I just shut down a problem customer who wouldn't take no for an answer (it took 20 minutes) and between that and the Toast I'm in a glass case of emotions.

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Toasties, is cold brew the Snake Juice of coffees?

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I immediately started carrying mine with me everywhere, like a wallet, so I haven't lost it ever. It's not exactly small (5" x 8.25"), and it's bright red so it's easy to spot. I'm also always marking things off in it when I finish them (satisfying!), so that makes me keep it at hand.
You can doodle in it as much as you want! I just try to make sure I have enough space to add more writing if I need it. I like to add stickers to my daily logs to motivate me.