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My nearly 14 yr old daughter was born 16 weeks early @ 1 lb 13 ozs.... today she is preparing to go to the mall on the bus for the first time with her friends..She just completed 7th grade with average grades, started a clothing drive for homeless folks at her school 4 weeks before school was out...and is AMAZING!! We are blessed with truly life saving technology in the area of preemie survival.... I might add that she was young enough gestationally to be aborted!!!

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participles should never dangle....

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And this used to be such a nice town.. What happened???

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Seriously?? The US's equivalent of Royalty?? You've gotta be kidding!!! As has been said before... they have been together for years... already have numerous children... so now they're getting married....Who gives a rats ass!!!! Our heros are the police, firefighters, emergency personel, teachers... people who actually give of themselves for humanity... These people act... So freakin what!!!!

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And... btw..It IS an indictment of the one should be able to prosecute and convict someone without more evidence than just someones words.....

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My husband was convicted 2 yrs ago of the same thing with NO evidence of any kind..just the testimony of our adopted daughter....This happens a lot more than people realize...

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My husband was recently convicted of the same thing by an adopted evidence of any kind....just her lies..Prosecutors have immunity, and nothing can be done to them... Prosecutors get people convicted all the time for these types of crimes, with NO evidence... just the testimony of the "victim"

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I can speak to this topic...My husband is sitting in prison for 20 yrs, based solely on the lies of an adopted daughter, who made false allegations against him. There was no evidence of any witnesses.... just her lies~ The jury must believed her.... cuz he was convicted of 4 counts, and sentenced to 20 yrs. in prison....It is a travesty of justice in this country that you can be accused and convicted solely on what someone says you can you defend yourself, other than to say.."I did not do that" Believe me... this happens more than most people think... How can we stop it?? The Prosecutor in this case is a man hater.... and made up horrible lies to prosecute this case....Insinuated all throughout the trial, that our church staff knew he was abusing her..but did nothing.... which was a horrible lie..Completely unbelievable...But I am living truth that this happens a lot.... He just lost his first appeal... Nearly a hopeless situation~

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I believe everything you say... but the same goes for can say every thing you said about them as well.... I watched it with my own eyes...There does not seem to be any justice anymore...just corruption, greed and complete lies...

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College degree.. and a high paying job?? yeah right!!! wink wink ;-)