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While race has nothing to do with this immigration issue...if they are crying because they feel that racism is the hear of the issue...why don't they just go home where they are accepted for who they are?!

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Could not agree more! Disgusting and blatantly disrespectful to the deceased and to the surviving family members!

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Can you say "Hello and goodbye to 'Democracy'?"

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Just because the story calls him a "camper" you can't assume that he's at a campsite with a fire pit and tent. The story mentioned that he was last seen returning to the beach area...and I would assume that would be the beach where the ocean is located. Unfortunately sneaker waves are very real, and can be very powerful, and catch you completely off guard if you are not prepared for it. A sneaker wave was my first thought when I read the story. I've been hit by one before. They come out of nowhere and surprise the bejeezus out of you...they can be absolutely terrifying!!

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LOL...I bet their parents are proud of their little boys! It's like Zoolander...but for reals! So what do their parents say to their friends when asked what their son is up to these days?

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I wonder why the intruder's name is not mentioned...take a wild guess why!! I wonder where he is from...

Great job little man! Too bad this monster is expected to live:(

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Really?! The mother took her children to the hospital for a sunburn?! I bet she took them just so that she could tell the school that she did...other than that, it was a wasted trip to the ER. For crying out loud...IT'S A SUNBURN!!! Get over it lady!

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Well done young lady!

My only question is...why the HELL wasn't the 16 year old arrested too?!?! These two thugs were attempting to commit a serious crime...and he get released to his parents?! I love the police, and appreciate all they do for us, but they messed up big time with that decision!

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I was in Hawaii several years back...just so happens that on my first ever vacation to Hawaii they had the biggest rains in over 50 years...10" inches in one day and about 25 inches the entire week I was there. There was also a 7.0 earthquake that week, the biggest earthquake in over 50 years. Not the best memories of paradise, but memories nonetheless.

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Seems like this is happening more and more these days...Easy solution to stop this non-sense...MEDIA, STOP REPORTING STORIES OF WHITE POWDER!! If there is no attention given, these incidences will cease to happen.