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Bob, the difference between a fine and a tax may not mean much to you, but if the original language of the mandate had been upheld, the increased ability of government to regulate people and their purchasing habits would have put severe limitations on the freedom of the people in our great nation. It is sad to me that a person such as yourself who obviously puts some thought into these issues is so blinded by the party rhetoric, that you can not see the truth. If this bill continues in its entirety through the next several years, you will see some major changes in our health care system as we know it - and many changes will not be positive. On the economic side, the bloated cost of this bill when it is finally realized, will be staggering. This will not help us as we struggle to recover. If you want to look a real lie in the face, it is the fake and fuzzy math that Obama used to sell this to the ignorant masses. Don't let the obvious good ideas (that everybody would agree with) in this bill blind you to the bulk of the disaster hiding under the sheepskin.

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"Opponents of the health care law are as adamant as ever, even after the Supreme Court upheld most of it, including the mandate that most Americans carry health insurance or pay a fine."

The mandate in its original form did NOT get upheld. The language was changed so that it is now a TAX, not a fine. There really is a big difference legally as the mandate in its original form would, if upheld, have had disastrous ramifications.

Of course the supporters of Obamacare are loath to call it a tax.

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Not stupid, just bought out with taxpayer money.

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No, nobody has any answers, because there are none.

Oh, except that this environment will be perfect for forcing the American people in to a single payer system, and then the government really will have control over your health care.

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Well, if Obama gets reelected, the REAL math will catch up to everyone in a few years. Amazing how misnamed the "Affordable Care Act" is. Do you think this monstrosity will be paid for by smiles, promises, and campaign speeches? In the meantime, my business and many others in the area continue to hunker down and prepare for the worst. Is that your idea of good policy for economic recovery?

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Largest tax increase in history.

Way to go Obama.

Should go over well in our depressed economy. Interesting to see the Dow skyrocket after the decision...oh wait it is now down over 130...

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Just wait for the adjustment....

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It is truly amazing that such a small segment of our population has been able to become such a large issue. I actually feel sorry for them, being used as a progressive liberal political football.

And now that it is such a politicized issue, we will never get any more honest studies of the effects of homosexuality on our society. What are the health risks and costs? What possible emotional and psychological issues are there? What is the emotional and psychological health impact on children raised in a same sex relationship household? Why are homosexual relationships less likely to be monogamous? Are people born with homosexual tendencies and why? Can it be cured? Why do many people who want to change from homosexual to heterosexual succeed with the right support, while others fail? What is the overall effect of government sanctioning or endorsing homosexual relationships?

And then some additional questions that should be asked:
Why was marriage recognized as a state union in the first place? What benefits to society is a state recognized marriage between a man and a woman? Does a homosexual union have the same benefits? What is the role of public school versus the parent in teaching about homosexual relationships? Can a private entity be forced to recognize a homosexual union even if it is against their beliefs?

AND - why can't a person ask these simple, sincere questions without being labelled as a right-wing nut, religious fanatic, or bigot? Seems to me they are all fair questions to ask before tampering with the basic structure of our society.

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It wont. The economy is so much higher on the priority list. This is just a distraction.

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When I read the headline, my first thought was, why did they leave that wounded girl in the hotel bed?