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Oh, my god, my dad LOVES freaking Necco wafers. We were just talking about this -- my mom was sure he was the only person in the world that ate them, and she had no idea how they stayed in business. My husband decided that the Necco wafer factory must have a giant framed picture of my dad up on the wall with the inscription "Our Customer."

He also likes a bunch of other vile candies, like black licorice and Good n' Plenties.

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Fanny, from Far From The Madding Crowd! It would have been better for pretty much everyone. Except I guess Gabriel, because he probably wouldn't have ended up with Bathsheba.

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I just got married at the courthouse two weeks ago today! It was fantastic -- super fun, easy, but still deeply meaningful.

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I don't even really FOLLOW baseball, but I was just in Vegas a couple weeks ago, where I drunkenly put twenty dollars on the Dodgers in the first Real Sports Bet of my life. So...that's a thing. (EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT A FREEWAY SERIES WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED)

In Sports That I Do Care About news, preseason basketball is happening! My Lakers lost by 15 to Golden State last night, because Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are gods, and they rested Nash, because he went to school with Fred Flintstone, but Kobe is actually looking good!

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That is FANTASTIC, and I am going to tell that to anyone that I eat pineapple with for the rest of my life.

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Her face right there is probably the most memorable shot in the entire movie for me...and her voice, as she chokes out the words. That's when the tears actually start falling for me.

(and Rick's little nod to the band to go ahead)

(and Ilsa's face when she looks at Victor..."oh, you beautiful, brave idiot.")

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I've tried Supernatural a bunch of times, and it is just way too scary and gross for me. I appreciate that it's a well-done show! I admire the passionate fandom! But I'm too much of a wimp.

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My weekly total, still shy of a dozen drinks, puts me in the very drunkest quarter of Americans

I don't know what my average is, but it's probably around a dozen, some weeks a lot more, some a lot less. That's somewhat distressing. I see people around me drinking and buying alcohol all the time, though! You know, in bars! Or...liquor stores. Oh.

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I so appreciate the recommendation! I don't have too many independent bookstores in my immediate vicinity, so the choice always ends up being "Amazon or Barnes and Noble?" Being able to support a union shop instead would be amazing.

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Claude Rains is perfection in that film.

"If I were a woman, and I weren't around, I should be in love with Rick."