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I was just posting a comment when yours popped up. Yes , its the wrong video.

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If the teacher did strike the child, i do agree with some sort of punishment. What is ironic is these parents and kids must sign anti- harassment policies at the beginning of the school year. They cannot even play tag or hold hands anymore. There are so many rules of touching other students, and teachers for that matter. If this is found to be true, why aren't the teachers held with the same accountability?

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Oh i agree! I bought this book for my son and ended up reading the whole series!

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Oh ever since the cat woman incident Hollywood i think has pretty much shunned her. Poor Sean Young! i could a been a contenda.......

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Employers random drug test to protect themselves. Period. You are a huge liability to the company plain and simple. The issue with this law is what you do for one you do for all. For example, everyone that applies for a job has to be tested. You are singling out a certain group which is unconstitutional and illegal. You are targeting one particular group, class of people. So the lower, unemployed class is this "targeted" group. Don't get me wrong i believe first of all you must be a legal citizen to even apply and receive state benefits. I do agree with the random drug testing as well. However sadly i don't see how they can do it without violating the law.

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Its sad all around. While i dont think people are really dancing on his grave, i just believe they feel a little safer tonite. What if an innocent by stander stood in the way of his bullet and the law? He really put peoples lives at risk. It a sad story all around . I am sorry for your loss, as you probably knew a different side of him that none of us knew. He simply made a horrible decision that resulted in his untimely death. He was very lucky to have had a friend like you.

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Please we hope she has not died. we are very confused as well. we will just pray till we know

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LOL! Oh my gosh i had that same shirt in high school circa 1989! (When i was 18)! But yes, glad that they were all found alive! My mom lives in the rogue river area, and we would go hiking near the canyons, it is very easy to get lost and turned around especially if you are not too familiar with the area!

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My kids love icarly! Its a good, funny, wholesome show that does teach positive lessons. Whatever your political view is, good for them for commending and supporting all our Military troops! Keep up the good work!

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Most people do not know that methadone in small doses relieves nerve pain brought on by diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia and the like. I happen to take methadone every day. Believe me it was not my first choice. My initial reaction was isnt that what they give heroine users? But after many drug trials, from antidepressants to vicidon , it is the only thing that relieves my pain. There is no "euphoric high" . It simply manages my pain. There are those that do abuse the drug, as with many drugs, but for managing my pain i am thankful for it.