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My ex-husband worked for Lockheed for over 40 years and Lockheed is a union shop. What he told me made my blood boil. Whenever Lockheed got a contract, it stipulated the amount of time in which that contract should be completed. He said that if the contract specified 2 weeks for completeion, even though in reality it would only take a few days, the workers made sure that it was not completed under the specified time. Reason, workers' secucurity. So if evertyhing that union shops make is more expensive, blame the union.

The unions have outlived their usefullness and now are hindering our country because labor costs in our country are easily 50-100% more than anywhere elese in the world. All the unions do now is take workers' dues and afford themselves high salaries and fantastic benefits, much better than the workers. They are also very political and spend the dues on lobbying. While the pension plans in all the unions are underfunded, the union bosses' pension plans are fully funded.

Union workers should unite to get rid of the unions now!

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Unfortunately, besides Obama being so close to Acorn and SEIU, he will try to sweep this under the carpet. He lied when he stated that he didn't know Acorn was getting federal money. But even that's not the worst of it. Congress has a lot of members who also benefitted from Acorn. We all know what weasels we have in Congress. Look how Conyers, earlier this year decided not to investigate Acorn. There is not an honest person in Congress or in our Adminisration. They have all been given a lot of support from Acorn and SEIU. Obama promised them a "seat at his table" even before the inauguration. They are birds of a feather and they are here to take down our country and make us all union members in a Venezuela type government,. Just a bunch of Communists. Thoug I hated what Mc Carthy did in his time, he was right in trying to get all the Communists out of our country, wish we could do that now, starting with Obama, Acorn and SEIU, oh heck let;s also do the AFL-CIO, they are really criminal.

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Bertha Lewis is just a shill and was put in as the head of Acorn to make people fee better that Wade Rathke was out after covering for his btoher's embezzelment.. She has about as much power as a 5 year old. So I have a hard time believing that Acorn is doing an internal investigation and a hader time believing it will be brought to justice. It's not just Acorn, it's also SEIU as they are closely intertwined, in fact all unions should be included in this investigation.

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In some cases there is not much difference between the democrats and the republicans. If you follow their voting pattern, their pork bills and their sentiments for the last 40 years, it is easy to see they they march in lock-step on a lot of things. Otherwise we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. Take the Patriot Act, the financial mess and the war in Iraq, none of this would have been possible if the republicans didn't vote the way the democrats do. It is time to get rid of both parties as they are all liars, cheats and thieves, and bring forth the Independent party with new rules. The 1 rule that we should make each candidate sign is that if they don't vote the way they promised when they are campaigning, we should be able to throw them out without any legal debate. You lie, goodby!

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While we're talking about what Obama and Congress is up to, we are missing the real agenda for the People of the United States.

It is imperitive that everyone go to the follwing link and watch what Obama and the powers that be has in store for us: