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It's just fetus's...if she had gone into planned parenthood and had them chopped up first we wouldn't even be reading this story and she would be going on about her day. Can someone please clarify why this matters? After all...it seems this was HER CHOICE! Come on...any pro choicers wanna explain?

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A hard lesson for a troubled runaway. Hopefully she'll pull her act together and appreciate what she has.

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and yet WA voters elected him...again. Wow...what fools!

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Where's Donald Trump when you need him...- YOUR FIRED!

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I guess we'll start seeing these types of establishments hiring people for 6 month contracts only...
Once upon a time America was free....

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& there are quite a few riders that are crazy on the road. No, not everyone but enough that it scares the hell out of me. My daughter almost hit a motorcycle because HE was being reckless and my daughter would have had to carry the weight of that on her shoulders forever. Everyone needs to be careful but if I had to choose- I'd choose to be in a car everytime!

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I think Dex should be required to publish themselves under the "scams" section of their phone book.

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No, my relative did not push the limit. He had a commercial truck pull out in front of him- he didn't have time to react. Of course your arrogant comment shows that you are most likely an arrogant driver on a bike. Of course there will always be danger in everything we do and we can't run and hide and not live life but if I had to choose- I'd choose a car over a motorcylce every time!
Just remember....it will be your wife, your children, your family that will be spoon feeding you, staying up nights and adjusting their schedule to take care of you. If your lucky that is....
Now...ask yourself if it's worth it!

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So....is riding a motorcycle worth it? Don't think so! I hope this guy lives and goes on to live a full life but enough of motorcycles! It's not just the rider that pays the price it his entire network of family and friends that are impacted by his recovery. It's just not worth it!
Sorry for venting so harsh but I just had a close relative get hit on his bike and was in Harborview for over a month and now he may not walk again. He's only 21yrs old. It sucks!

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So you can have a business that displays profanity, nudity, immoral scenes or behavior but watch out if you are a moral person who doesn't want to promote filthy language or OMG I'm going to say it....homosexuality! Then your considered evil? I don't care if your gay or straight...If a business has a moral problem with your lifestyle or type of speech then MOVE ON! This is not discrimination or I could say I'm being discriminated against for being harrassed into immoral behavior!