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I'd thumb this post up ten times if I could. Excellent points about Twilight's lack of responsibility and Twilicorn breaking balance of Mane 6, and I agree with you completely.

Unfortunately, there are some people here, who think that anyone saying MLP is anything but perfect is their personal enemy...

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I interpret this as: "We are ready to ignore any previously established canon and backstory in favor of plot convenience". After they turned upside down the whole "cutie marks are not destiny" idea, which has been the one of the foundations of the series from the start of S1, I'm not exactly surprised.

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Just when you think things cannot get any worse, Hasbro is always ready to make a surprise...

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Usual creator hype, zero new information. Why even post something like this? Go read some fanfic if you have nothing better to do instead of whining about delay. There're enough stories with better writing than your average S3 episode on Fimfiction to last you through the break, even if you do nothing other than reading 24/7.

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Watching pony episode: 22 minutes a week
Reading pony fanfics: 30+ hours a week

Sorry, but what is this 'drought' you are talking about?

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Other than obvious sentiments about this being a stupid move, one thing is worrying me... Corporations can now file takedown request for a website based on a trademark that have been registered after website in question was created? Seriously?

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Hiding your face and leaving cutie mark in the open is not how you hide your identiy, Pinkie.

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Red is really not her color. She looks much cuter with purple eyes, if you know who I am talking about.

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To be completely fair, they are more often mysteriously missing in situations they may have a chance to make difference. I'd rather see them show up and fail than to be absent for the sole reason that it's demanded by the plot.

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Twilight could have at least tried dispelling the effects of Trixie's magic or casting something to revert its effects. She has her failsafe spell exactly for this purpose. Or, I don't know, she could try and contact some guards. Anything would be better than doing nothing.