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According to this discussion, the Rexburg campus is appreciably more straitlaced than the Provo flagship.

(recall from random Craigslist browsing that numerous East Idaho rentals were advertised as "BYU-approved", which apparently means not merely single-sex but fairly active collaboration with the bishopric)

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People are probably unaware that Oklahoma football's meteoric rise to prominence was kick-started with a $150,000 (1946 dollars) slush fund raised by Oklahoma oil barons, specifically to counteract the influence of "that book" -- The Grapes of Wrath -- on the state's image.

True story (I came across it in a biography of Bud Wilkerson, OU coach in that heyday)

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"America: Land That I Love" references Irving Berlin, a you-know-what from you-know-where. This would seem to create an opportunity for "America: At Least I Know I'm Free"

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Wow, something must have turned the former revolutionary Tom Hayden into a hardshell conservative. Funny, I had always heard he made out pretty well in his divorce from Jane Fonda.

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Real down wingnutz ring in the new year with the Royal Canadians

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You would think that, what with the convention taking place so close to Pigfucker Holler, that the dignitaries from the other pigfucker states could be induced to attend.

Also, no doubt all those Ozark pigfuckers will rescue McCaskill from her current 8-point deficit out of gratitude for her snub of the national party.

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Jim DeMint and Joe Wilson (and about a hundred other Republicans) are every bit the apes that you are, Allen, so please don't take it racially.

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The West Wing was one of the best shows on TV in the late 90s. It jumped the shark (surely we can still use this phrase wrt TV shows?) immediately after 9/11/2001.

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mystery solved

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If you want a real scary/hilarious blast from the past: long about the time The Purple Rose of Cairo came out (didn't see, heard it was lovely), GQ had a cover story titled "Is Jeff Daniels the next Cary Grant?".

Also: Arachnophobia