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Can someone PLEASE tell me this is not true?

If not, I am sad sad sad... Like Ive lost a friend...

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Then he must also get the Senate, or it will be Hairy Reed stall stall
stall stall every move he and the Republican House make.

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Simple answer Jay- your boss is a double dealing, two faced, job destroying hypocrite. And you are the mouthpiece of the beast.

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At least Romney has actually had a job, unlike the clueless man- child currently occupying the White House.
Not to mention Romneys gotta lotta lotta experience cleaning up big financial messes.

Maybe he can point some of that high voltage, CEO power that made his fortune at the dysfunctional operation called the US Government! I pray it is so.

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Ya, that's hilarious. Me, an original Tea Party member a Ron "Crazy Foreign Policy" Paul supporter.
Not in this century (or any other).

My screen name is TRUTHteller. That means tell the truth, even if it hurts.
She is simply wrong. I have been to Afghanistan, and seen it for myself.
She obviously does not know or understand what Karzai is, or what he stands for.

The TRUTH is Karzai has not done what she is accusing him of doing.
Thumbs me down and call me names if you want. That does not change THE TRUTH.

She (and we all) need to direct our rage at the spineless little man-child occupying the White House, who bows before Saudi Kings and apologizes to Muslims for the smallest of transgressions while they are burning OUR flag and urinating on OUR Holy Book.

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I appreciate the sentiment, but she has unfortunately confused President Karzai with the Taliban.
Karzai is the legally elected president of Afghanistan, and is fully supported by the US government
as well as the US military.

Although he is not our "best buddy", he is also NOT a terrorist, a supporter of terrorism,
nor a representative of the mindless, militant Islamists who do the things she describes,
most of whom are either part of the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

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Even if you don't 100% agree w him politically, you have to love the way Christie speaks plainly and without equivocation!

If ONLY the spaghetti-spined republicans in the congress could learn this, the battle would be won!

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Better be careful Pinky, or your rating may end up going positive on Breitbart! <8-o

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Damn Right!
DAMN Right!!!!
Slowly the truth about the Evil One's favorite child NoBama oozes out!

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And we should listen to Newt's "advice" why??