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Apparently #2 doesn't exist anymore, I tried loading it and it said it couldn't be found.

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Agreed with most everything said here, I find that pretty much the only way I could believably see Jasper switching sides would be if Homeworld themselves give her reason to, such as if Yellow Diamond betrays her or if she gets an explicit message telling her that she's out. It's certainly possible that this might happen, after all everything that's happened so far in the past few months can be pinned on Jasper from Homeworld's perspective, and even with her apparent status she'd be an easy scapegoat now that things have gone wrong from their point of view.

(This goes double if the CGs successfully stop the Cluster fully, losing something THAT important is bound to give Homeworld some grief and they'll want an easy target to blame, and I don't think Peridot is important enough on the Homeworld hierarchy)

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Gems don't need to breathe, they likely will often have/go to planets with little to no atmosphere.

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The problem with predictability in an episode like this is that it's supposed to be a mystery, and a good mystery is always supposed to have a twist so that it throws your viewers off guard from the person they thought was the culprit. This episode didn't have that, it was just a straightforward "this guy did it and we're not going to give you any red herrings to make you think otherwise" plot that anyone could follow and predict.

That doesn't make it a bad episode, but the critique is valid.

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Doesn't really seem like you've talked about it at all, just put words on the page.

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... are fans of the show that many in said fandom know of. Not sure why that's an issue of why you're bringing it up like the mere fact that they're there is an issue.

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They're not journalists? They don't have to not be biased? I'm not entirely sure what you mean to prove by saying that they're biased.

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I find the ones that have some computer-sounding guy saying STEVEN UNIVERSE at the end kind of hilarious, wonder if that's a syndication thing?

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Wow this post has broken in spectacular fashion.

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That rap sustains me.