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no luk :v aw well ill just restart to windows but so lazy >_<

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Will the Telephone be able to launch fighting is magic if I repackage it with Winebottler?
just asking because you do realize we were discussing a Mac OS and you gave a me a solution of using Telephone which is a .exe file and thus does not traditionally run on a Mac OS.

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That why when I click the game tab and select options in the drop down menu nothing opens

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I was getting an error with the Mac version you packed too Spazturtle, it said Winetricks isn't working properly and to re-install it, so I opened the package contents instead and repacked it using Winebottler it works now but I can't find a way to change the Game settings (rounds, timer, ect...) Can you help Spazturtle ?

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that's fine and I somewhat agree with you thank you for your honest reply.

" As of right now, it's fairly moderate, but it's been on a downward spiral for quite awhile"

It is not your fault and there really is nothing an individual or even a small group can do about this. Some people cease to align themselves as you wrote but why? Are they afraid? Are they just going to duck away and shield themselves from onslaught? Are they going to deny themselves something they once liked even if they may or may not like it anymore? Are they just going to hide? They can if they want to, but why should they have to?

Its up to the person themselves if they let any of these aspects become their weakness. Weaknesses in most cases always have easy targets, its up to the individuals to deal with them in their own accord.

These days most of this argument is pointless in the business world but note that isn't the only world there is. To call it naive just shows how much you have been affected by this world of careers and reputations its not all there is to being.

Though I understand many people have been targeted by factors involving this fandom, and even associated with things they may have never even heard of, but it depends on you as a person to overcome these things people will associate you with whatever they want you don't have a choice in the matter, but you don't have to be what they call you.

If they let a trivial or large portion of a bad reputation control them like this, that individual isn't trying enough or rather has already submitted to another's will and opinion, if this somehow stains their reputation them maybe that reputation wasn't reputable enough or perhaps it has been given to the wrong people.
People grasp whatever footholds they can manage, not always the right ones, but when your desperate they take what you can get. Unfortunately they've built this reputation into people that have very little care about who they are are and probably had near to none faith or trust in them. Though to do so they may gain something and it is up to them wether or not they are satisfied with their decision or outcome.

I agree its a risk assessment as you said, and I myself won't miss this blog either. What I'll miss is the people behind these posts hopefully they will find another project and in another topic to express themselves. I don't really have a care or regard to the fandom I just liked the 1st season of the cartoon and they grew so much on me that I continued to watch the rest of the series even though it was no longer what I loved. Like when you read a good book or play a fantastic game and you get to the end but yearn for more that will never be.

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I noted that in there too please read at your age level.

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of course anything is or else it wouldnt be worth doing...
that above is merely me expressing my own thoughts its not a speech though i feel honored you consider it a sucky speech and went as far as to reply to me, thank you

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you see all this commotion cause 40 something replies this here is proof that this blog only helped MLP the sole matter of the fact of bringing attention just refer to many of the debates of Celebrity vs. Fame this topic is so powerful it far extends even to trivial iittle cartoon characters.

You can't say it is not your fault you found or saw this stuff, all of you could have just sat at home switched on the TV and watched the cartoon itself and maybe visted the websites on the commercial or products. There is no way you can find yoursellf to this blog without wallowing in your own crapulence. (as Mr. Burns from The Simpsons would say)

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Well finally falls one of the last basis to what was left of the mature fandom, now we'll slowly have left the immature people who wanted this gone because they are not grown up enough to deal with adult humor, its real and it will not go away (how do you think you were born?) all kinds of kinky ways exist and alot of times they conceive a child. Grow up if you feel disgusted at the concepts and ideas comeback to them when your older everyone takes longer to mature most people don't realize how mature or immature they are but they do at some point. it does happen and there is no need to worry though even mature people can dislike it its not a problem. I personally would roughly reccomend an age of at least 22+ or higher knowledge is one thing and expierience is another. Though staying away from more explicit images is a well defined boundry this tumblr was more non explicit adult humor (in my opinion - I don't really recall seeing anything that needed to be censored on it)) for mature people because most of what happend here is not really fictional but just a view on the matters, why little ponies well you can thank the Start of the Series for building characters so well defined that most of the onslaught of later seasons still have kept these characters around.

Anyway oh well this blog will be missed..... but it did get rather crummy halfway through but how can we blame them when this cartoon became a show which is now based on corporate gain and exploit of the fanbase to produce high quality rich material as it used too.

I need help on closing statements :V I suk at em....