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Pray tell what has Chelsea ever done to deserve your scorn at her morals? I guess your 'morals' involve finding semi racist jokes like the one above funny. The Obama girl is just a little girl at the most trying time in life and you, you disgusting piece of work, immaturely poke fun at a CHILD'S looks. You are a disgrace.

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No no, I don't listen to talk radio. I used to like Paul until I heard about this flip flop! I qualify here quite well exactly why I believe he is getting off easy. No one in the media or indeed anywhere of influence that I've read has pointed out that 15 years ago his reaction to the discovery of the newsletters was to defend their content and it's accuracy! This is easy to find info and there's no excuse for why the media has dropped the ball. They are letting him off lightly.

Frankly, I think his childish defense now (that he was unaware of it ALL - puh lease!) is petulant and ridiculous. He sounds like a whinging child caught out being naughty. He's pathetic!

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Joel; you are incorrect on the facts here too. It wasn't 'broken' in 2008 by your friend, I'm afraid but rather was known about in 1996 and you can look up his responses to it from then, a full 15 years ago, in which he actually defends the newsletters and does not deny being the author at all despite numerous opportunities to do so, as well as opportunities to distance himself from the views. He didn't take the opportunity and instead he defended the facts as represented in the newsletters (I believe the interview specifically referred to the one where he refers to criminality in 95% of black DC males!).

I for one think he is getting away with alot! His story has changed 180 degrees and yet I haven't heard one person in the media point this out! I hardly think that's getting a raw deal! He's getting off easy!! Basically; when he thought the content would help his chances he defended it and when he knew it would hurt him, he distances himself. Until this; I at least thought he was a man with principles but obviously NOT! He is obviously nothing but a coward that changes his views depending on who he has to impress. NOT cool.

And btw; why is it I have to point this out on a journalism site?

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Can we please just be honest here and point out that whatever one thinks of Jackson Lee or King, that his tweet was at best highly unprofessional and rude, instead of sarcastically calling HER 'classy' for reacting to it? You don't always have to be right. In this instance, King behaved very unprofessionally by sending that tweet as well as surfing the net while he should be working! Two wrongs in one. I think it's disrespectul of him (to congress and therefore the nation) to avoid doing his job because he's 'bored'. Well, congress IS boring! Does he do this regularly while drawing a salary from your taxes?

Seriously. Put a D next to his name and an R next to hers and you'd be outraged wouldn't you? Be honest, please.

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I'm no fan of Gregory at all, but this is ridiculous Ms Loesch. I think you are a really vile hateful person, and just looking for reasons to smear people you disagree with (nearly everyone). This is disgusting. He was obviously referencing that something miraculous or 'magical' needed to happen, and wizard was the word he used, and in a silly slip put 'grand' in front. Not only is it just a silly slip and totally not controversial, but the man goes out of his way to apologise in a very fair and responsible manner, and yet you STILL write this vile column to smear him!? Just...get a life. You really are a low person to do this. You can't make windows into peoples souls. But apparently that doesn't matter to you, you will judge him and infer he has ill intentions. I'm pretty sure you call yourself a Christian, but I cannot think of a less Christian sentiment. Good people and particularly good journos do not write articles like this.

On a further note; has Gregory even had a chance to apologise on air as yet? Has he had the time to reflect and on the next episode apologise so that his whole audience gets to hear it? I'm Australian and I don't get his show, so I'm not sure of the schedule, but I thought it was a WEEKLY show, I am correct? If that is the case, he has not yet had a chance to apologise to his whole audience, making your criticism of his twitter apology even poorer than I originally thought it was! Disgraceful. No wonder no one but hateful extremists have employed your journalistic skills.

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You seem to think that this is a prime time first, when it is FAR from it. So far from it I'm puzzled by this piece. 20 years ago, Kelly was having regular sex on 90210 and Brenda was considered a prude for being a virgin as what americans call 'juniors' i think. Not to mention the OC, Buffy, Gossip Girl.....pretty much EVERY teen prime time drama has featured teen sex. SKINS, for goodness sake.

THe only thing that surprises me about the Glee sex is that this is the first time it has been a story line when it is in its second or third season! The gay sex too is a new one, but hardly shocking. Personally, every time I've managed to catch Glee (not that often but occasionally) I've always thought it comes across as very wholesome, 'perfect' type teen life. This is more realistic to whats really happening out there. No matter what we do, teens will have sex and be obsessed with it.

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Not to mention the fool in the Gingrich debate; not knowing the difference between the Ryan Medicare plan and the current plan and throwing the question to Newt! Then after Newt gives his piece, Cain pretty much says 'what he said'. That Cain says the harrassment charges originate in Democratic attacks is so laughable! The Democrats would love nothing more than an Obama v Cain matchup, a total embarrassment for the GOP. It is everyone with half a brain in the GOP, trying to save their party from being single handedly sunk by a very stupid, very creepy, lying buffoon that is proud of their ignorance!

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Finally, someone with principles commenting! Thank you. You make a sensible, reasoned comment based on the overwhelmingly obvious, and you get voted down for it! Unbelievable. Take comfort that in the real world most people share your feelings on the matter. It is a simple fact that he has repeatedly lied regarding the situation (the changing excuses in the beginning where he went from not knowing to suddenly recalling, back and forth, lying through his teeth the entire first 24 hours), and it is foolish to believe the man now.

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And they say Americans are stupid and don't know geography?!!!

NORTH Zealand is not NEW Zealand. North Zealand is in DENMARK, NEW Zealand is in the South Pacific, and they DO NOT DESERVE your LYING MISLEADING IRRESPONSIBLE headlines!

New Zealand is that place that's like paradise, the two long islands near Australia, know it? Maybe open a bloody book once in awhile and learn something.

People have been pointing this out and it is irresponsible and reckless to have not addressed this already. Unbelievable.

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Communists are idiots that do not understand basic human nature, and hence why Communist regimes have always had to resort to taking away freedoms from its people in order to implement it. In fact, it is so illogical that it really has never been properly implemented and never will be! Human nature simply does not allow Communism to exist and hence any regime we describe as COmmunist has actually not ever been so, such as China. The Soviet Union was not properly Communist, because Communism requires that Stalin would have been on the same level in terms of property and income, as the cleaner that cleans his office nightly. It never worked like that. It never will.

Alot of Conservatives argue (fairly) that liberals believe many incorrect things about them. Well, we also have that problem! Okay? We are not Communist, nor even committed Socialists. Most of us favour a system where Capitalism thrives with some socialist programs offered to counterbalance, and complement, the private sector.