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Damn the haters! LONG LIVE JOHN WOO!

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The Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory is invalidated by the Charlie Sheen x-factor.

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I laughed at the joke about Karl from Die Hard but I can't help but feel like that trailer really spoiled the movie.. unless the revelation that he's not dying happens in the first 15 minutes or something and then the movie goes on from there.

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I'm going to side with Bale on this one, there are certain things that are supposed to happen on a film set and the DP walking in front of a rolling camera isn't one of them... It also sounds like the DP has done it before, which truly is about as unprofessional thing to do on a movie set as there is.

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Clint Eastwood is about as money in the bank as you can get. Anything he stars in or directs.. it's hard not to like.

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Ehh.. I think it'll beat it. I'm gonna go $45+

Book it.

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I hope this clears the way for everyone that votes in the Academy to realize it is ok to vote for someone who actually DID have the best performance in that category (Ledger)

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Seeing him in Oklahoma, Jackman sure has a presence.

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While I'll never see this film and can't stand the attention Jennifer Aniston gets.. nothing is more annoying than spoiling films. I have literally come to blows with a good friend over him accidentally spoiling The Departed for me.

I shouldn't change my position based on the quality of film so I have to say that this is pretty shitty to do.

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I wonder what the writers of the screenplays that are on this list are thinking.. would be an interesting list to make.