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Supposedly, part of their delay was the nationality of the people reporting him... apparently, they aren't required to react when Americans complain of his threats, but when a Montreal resident reacted, they did something.

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I take it that you haven't had a death threat issued against you? It can be a fairly scary experience. If you don't know where it came from, you may be even more intimidated because that person might actually live in your community and be reasonably able to hurt you. Even if not, it can be accomplished through the mail if your address can be found. And even those who take measures to guard their address can still be traced down with just $50 at the right website.

Making death threats is no joke, and isn't something to take lightly. This is especially true when the person in question is a 36 year old who still lives with his mother. Obviously, something is not working right inside his head, and that just makes him that much more volatile.

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Perhaps shame was the wrong word. However, my undergarments are not something I choose to be shared with the world, nor do I wish to have people debate on whether wearing them is a legitimate act.

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You're right, it is his blog. He has every right to keep the picture up if he so chose.

I merely asked that he reconsider it. You, and every other person who chose to tell me I'm wrong are just as guilty for distracting from the conversation he intended to have. You could have easily just left it be, ignored it, but you chose to continue a conversation about it.

As far as the main topic, I wasn't aware of the issue before he brought it up, so I currently have no opinion on it. I will continue to watch this subject, but at this point, I'm generally going to trust vJack's observations at this point, since I normally agree with them anyways. And I will continue to read his blog, and I will continue to comment. I'd love to start a blog, but I don't have nearly enough time or opinions to maintain one.

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I agree that the author of this blog is generally kind, sensitive, and is most certainly intelligent. However, even the most sensitive and intelligent people can make mistakes - we are human, after all.

I do think the pic is unnecessary for this discussion. It would have been just as easy to include a picture of Romney and/or Huntsman, or a different Mormon leader altogether, since that was supposed to be the topic of the discussion.

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Because everyone knows that personal insults are the way to convince people they're wrong...

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You can most certainly point out the danger of their position on God without mentioning their underwear.

Don't you feel embarrassed by the thought of your underwear being ridiculed by strangers? I would be. I would be even more embarrassed if it was underwear that I saved for certain special occasions. I think that it's only fair to leave theirs out of it too, since I'm certain they are far more guarded than I am when it comes to intimate things.

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Is it really so necessary to be hostile? Does anything productive ever happen when you show the same hatred to religious people that they have shown to you?

If this was about Mormon underwear and/or funny beliefs, then a picture like this would be fine. But this is about politics and whether their statement was honest or not. Their underwear has nothing to do with it, and it really seems unnecessary to use a picture of it. It isn't like pictures of Buddy Jesus are used every time Christians are brought up - instead, he uses a picture of the christian politician that he's talking about. It seems almost like a double standard, and can even go so far as to give Christians just a tad bit more respect than Mormons.
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I'm not too sure on the actual topic of this blog, but I feel the need to ask for the picture to be changed to one less offensive. While the special underwear required by their religion may seem outrageous to us, I think the least we could do to show some respect to them is to not show it like that. Not all Mormons are detestable, yet it is my understanding that they all wear that. It is one thing to aim to embarrass and shame the leaders, but another to offend, embarrass and shame the followers who might otherwise agree with your statement/point.

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This is my perspective on the situation also. I will never be able to get into an elevator with a male stranger and feel comfortable enough to not find it completely bewildering if he attempts to use those 15 seconds with me to invite me to his hotel room. It will be strange. I will question his intentions. And I will always feel a bit creeped out, no matter how amazing his intentions may have been. I am inclined to believe that every Western culture will have this same unwritten social rule. It may be unfair to judge him so harshly, but it is also unfair to expect me to trust every person until he proves that he's not trustworthy. Blind trust is how people get irreparably hurt. Every person has the right to take the necessary precautions to avoid unnecessary risks.