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> 10000 irrational people are smarter than 1 irrational person

They are. 1 irrational person can hang himself and die, 10000 irrational persons can't do that. They will follow rational laws of nature whether they want it or not -- they at least would have sex and therefore multiply instead of dieing.

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Troll-fighting is hard, but sometimes you can stop the troll by *not* fighting him: very strong positive attitude can have very good results.

As an example, I was able to kill a comp.lang.python troll with one shot. :)

The guy really stopped trolling after this post.

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I don't know anything about economics, but I know for sure that markets protect our freedom. I was born in the evil country called Soviet Union were free market and so-called "capitalist greed" were outlawed and in practice that meant the rule of centralized bureaucratic elite with no individual freedom at all.

Isn't the failure of USSR a good enough argument that imposed artificial "freedom" simply doesn't work? We can't make anyone free by force.

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I would say combination of games and open source is still almost unexplored area. I believe that involvement of users in gamemaking process is a key factor here.

I am going to start a new business based on this idea: a powerful open-source runtime that allows anybody to create games from Wesnoth-like strategies to NetHack-like adventures with minimal effort, and all this combined with optional paid content created by professional artists and composers.