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YES!!! I don't even live in CH anymore but would absolutely come back for this. And Southern Season has a great cooking school space in the back, which you could use to teach us more about the wonders of skin-on chicken breasts.

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This is so perfect, and just makes me all the more excited for POMPEII 3D.

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Another way to get an incline if your gym doesn't have a TRX - use the Smith Machine! (which you're supposed to use for squats, but apparently smith machine squats are terrible for you)

Also, I second Nicole's suggestion to keep at those Tramps. I have been working on getting to Tramp Tricep Pushups (where your elbows and upper arms stay close to your body) for probably 5 months by doing Ladies 2x per week and Tramps 1x week. Then just last week I did my first real, chest to floor Tramp... and today I did 9 in a row!!

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Molly, this is so great! I love your drawings, and am intensely jealous of your gorgeous lettering.

And now all I want out of life is to hear an athlete say "Our Mother Chaos Rules All" in a post-game interview. (if it'll be anyone, it'll be Chris Kluwe, right?)

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"You need to know when to tune it out, and when it’s not applicable to your situation." YES. Oh my god, yes. When I first started lifting I was so excited about it that I became a fitness information junkie, which led to feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by all of the (often nonsensical) fitness writing on the internet. Focus and goals are sooooo important.

I'm really thrilled about this series, Nicole! (and I am with you on having no bulkability, what's a girl gotta do to get some man-arms around here, jeez)

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After the introduction, I actually thought about putting it down because I knew it would churn up weird feelings about things I haven't explored yet (and would probably make me angsty, as a lot of "work/life balance" writing tends to do). BUT I'm glad that it has stuck with you so strongly, that makes me more excited to finish it :)

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Nicole, I really dig these columns. You're helping make my Amazon wish list 8 miles long, and I love it. I am reading "Homeward Bound", whose author is coincidentally interviewed on the Hairpin today! I like it so far; it's helping me suss out my own weird feelings about work and home life and why on earth I really want chickens when I also think chickens are kinda gross.

And re: Cromwell... I too found him tremendously endearing! So did Caitlin Moran: https://twitter.com/caitlinmoran/status/339470283...

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I love this!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a series, and that there will be a TNG edition (TNG 4 Life, y'all).
Also: Goddammit, I wish Starfleet was real.

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This is an alternate universe I'd like to live in.

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I did hire a trainer! But that was after months of reading about strength training (I recommend googling Nia Shanks, and the book "New Rules of Lifting for Women"), and working up the courage to ask someone to help me. I know training can be expensive, but if you can make it work, I recommend it - even for a month or so, just to get the big basics down. It really helped me get the hang of how to structure my own workouts and how to focus on form. Nowadays I see a trainer once a month to check in, then I do 2x/week Crossfit-style classes at my gym, and lift 2x/week on my own.

I like so many things about it, but I had no idea what a positive mental effect it would have on me. Hitting a new PR or learning a new skill is a like getting a little gold star that you keep in your pocket all day (or week, or month) long. It's such a delightful confidence boost.