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Dead right. Labour could be out of office for ten years or more, until they have a leader who gets it. Not much chance for a while.

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I couldn't agree with you more, but what do you want us to do about it? Your website doesn't say. There isn't even a request to sign up to receive future messages and show support.

The best book on the subject is Douglas Murray's "The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity". He explains how campaigns for racial and gender equality, having achieved most of their original goals, suddenly lurched into a second stage, making a series of exaggerated and often ludicrous demands which in many ways contradicted their original campaigns, and asked for special treatment because of their race or gender. He shows also how successful their campaigns have been in affecting both public discourse and government policy.

The worst example is the police guideline that accusers of rape should always be believed, in defiance of logic and any principle of justice. This came directly out of women's studies and feminist studies university courses.

I'd suggest you mention the book on your website.

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To please former Labour voters, you don't need Labour welfare policies. You need Conservative ones that provide jobs.

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If the EU doesn't grant an extension, so that we leave with no deal, why on Earth would Boris offer them his deal? Though infinitely better than May's, it still has huge flaws.

•During the Transition Period we will have to obey any new EU rules they introduce, and these could be punitive.

•A lot of the level playing field stuff (ie aligning with EU rules) is still in the Political Declaration, along with potential military and security commitments. So they are part of the basis for negotiating the FTA. The EU will try to get us to align with EU rules and structures as much as they can as a trade-off for access. We will need to be strong and if necessary be ready to walk away from the FTA. What’s the betting on that from our government?

•Apart from the backstop, the rest of the 585-page WA is intact. A lot of detailed commitments are in there, tying us into elements of the EU. It is unclear how much impact this will have in practice, but it’s bound to have quite a lot. In particular, the ECJ retains jurisdiction in interpreting EU law regarding the applicability of new EU laws within the scope of the agreement, and in deciding cases re breach of the Agreement.

•Northern Ireland has been abandoned to EU control in the single market, subject to majority assent after 4 years. The Good Friday insistence on consent by both communities is excluded.

A few months or even a year or so of no deal disruption would be far preferable to retaining any dependence on the EU.

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Stephen Booth "cannot understand why so many in Parliament who said they would respect the vote would rather risk No Deal than vote for a deal."
The simple answer is that the WA is a terrible deal, agreeing to every EU demand, however unreasonable, and keeping us under EU control in numerous ways. We voted to take back control.
There were good reasons why the WA was rejected three times by large Parliamentary majorities. There were good reasons why the first rejection, by the largest majority in history, was greeted with cheers outside Parliament by supporters of both Leave and Remain. The terms of the deal were rightly described as similar to those which would be imposed on a conquered country.
No deal has been raised into a huge bogeyman by a relentless continuation of Project Fear. Any disruption will be temporary. Continued domination by the EU would be permanent.

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There would be legal problems with sending a covering letter which contradicts the request for an extension. But what about a letter which endorses the request for an extension? It could add that the UK wishes to use the additional time to discuss British proposals for an Irish border solution and a Free Trade Agreement with a WTO transition. Boris could also repeat his statement that as far as he is concerned the Withdrawal Agreement is dead, so there is no point in discussing it any further.
That should reduce the chances of the EU agreeing a delay to zero.

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Why on Earth do you think that Boris would be satisfied if the backstop is removed? Theresa May's surrender deal also includes a "transition period" of two more years in the EU, obeying all the rules, including any new ones they choose to introduce, and without any say.
Can you really see Boris announce his triumph at the Conservative party Conference? "We're leaving the EU as I promised on 31 October. Now we only have to obey EU rules for two more years. Freedom at last!"

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Parliament responds to leadership. Tory MPs have had no leadership for three years from Theresa May's bunker. Their only chance of surviving as a party of government is to get rid of her now. A "road map" won't do it. It's not far from the living room to the front door. She can find her way.

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You're absolutely right. Difficult choices have to be made. We need to decide whether to be an independent country or a powerless satellite of the EU. We need to decide whether to let the EU hold us to ransom over the completely invented Irish border issue or to just implement a practical customs solution and let them build a wall and watchtowers if they want them. We need to decide whether to offer them a free trade deal for the whole of the UK, and reject out of hand any option involving different treatment for Northern Ireland. We need to decide whether we want a "deep and special partnership" with the kind of people we saw in the Verhofstadt documentary - determined to humiliate us and "make us a colony", as they themselves put it.
I've made my choice. I've voted for the Brexit Party.

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Nigel Farage doesn't have a vision for government because he and all the rest of us know very well that he isn't going to be in charge of the government after the European elections. It will be the same old band of spineless and incompetent Tories that we have now.
His job right now is to scare enough of them into taking effective action to get rid of the most useless PM the country has ever had. Without her the Tories have an outside chance of getting Brexit right. If they fail again, Farage will need to prepare a manifesto for a party with a good chance of holding the balance of power after the general election. The Brexit party might then go on to replace a Conservative Party that has completely lost its sense of direction, competence and instinct for power. What use will it be then?