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Power metal version of Magic Inside.

Guess my life it complete now. (I still have to give it to the original, but the vocals fit better than I thought they could in the remix)

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I can't un-hear Vinyl from Nowackings voice, so this animation has always felt weird to me.

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Foreshadowing for Sunset's return to equestria? :D Or maybe foreshadowing that they are not going through with the idea because they took this out of the film. :|

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No option for just being neutral about it all? I mean, I liked the movie about as much as Rainbow Rocks (thought it was fine), and don't really care one way or another if more are made?

Or, actually, I would pick this option:

No more EQG, but more Sunset Shimmer. Have EQG Sunset show up so one of the Sunsets can return. :D

If it wasn't for Sunset's story arc across the 3 movies, I wouldn't care for the movies, that's really its saving grace, and it makes me wish pony Sunset would return to equestria. :'(

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Not sure about that. :P I'm actually using both Duolingo and Rosetta Stone; the problem isn't the program and it's definitely not the place (not that many people speak a lot of english in Vitré), it's the motivation. I genuinely don't care. I don't need it to speak to friends (I mostly play games with friends in the states), I don't need it for a job, I don't even need it to live here.

That's the most hilarious part: I'm French, or a duo-citizen; a French-American. I actually have my French ID card in my wallet, so even if I don't speak French, I'm French and can live here without any problems, and there's nothing they can do about it. I almost feel bad showing it to people because it kind of feels like I'm cheating.

Anyhow, if anyone knows a good place online to talk to and meet other french bronies, I'd actually appreciate it. Making some french brony friends might be the motivation I need, honestly.

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Well that makes things a little more tempting. I appreciate the reply.

Still, being the first convention I'd have ever been to, I'd want to go with someone I know as to not be completely confused about how any of this convention business works.

Again, thanks for the reply.

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Vitré, Brittany. Around a two hour drive away this convention, less if there is a train station nearby. (I can pretty much see the station in Vitré from where I live)

I feel a bit terrible about the language thing. Been living in France for over a year for the sake of cheaper travel around Europe to see places, but I just haven't bothered learning French. I work mostly online, and with a lack of French friends, I just don't have any incentive to learn. I'm basically season one Twilight when it comes to friendships here. :(

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This actually sounds cool, and I like the theme. Not very far from where I live either.

Sort of wish I got around to learning some French though. :| I would normally assume that conventions like this would be based around English, but this is France so that wouldn't be expected.

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I don't think it's a huge shame, but it makes sense why people would pass.

I'm not a fighting game person, but I was willing to give it a shot for pony. Would I expect people to reserve that shot now that the thing that got them interested in the genre is taken out? Well, yeah, much like any other reason people try something; because they have some vested interest be it because of friends or content. This is what's sadden me a bit about what happened with this project.

Much like when pony is added to almost anything else, bronies tend to give it a shot because of tangential interests, and fighting is magic had that potential where this game doesn't, no matter how awesome it actually ends up being.

I'm still happy that they're going to be able to sell the game though, which is why it's not a huge shame. Good on them.

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Okay, a part of me feels like they did this just to play a trrrick on us...

Still, might be my favorite interpretation of the song.