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This was a post on his My Face page:

"Had a great speaking engagement with the Ada County Republican Women'sgroup. The message of individual responsibility and getting government out of the way of business is very popular."

I could not even try to make this stuff up.

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This story is false.

No gay man would ever be caught with such a hideous ornament on his tree.

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That really gets McNaughton's sternum up.

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I am totally not regretting giving money to Alan Greyson's reelection campaign.

It's really refreshing to have a Dem that actually fights back.

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I'm surprised Alex Jones isn't all over this false flag operation. Wait, no I'm not.

Reminds me of the troll in Texas who claimed that she was assaulted by pro-Obama supporters who branded a "B"on her face, except for the fact she was a lying sack of poo.

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Of course she wouldn't. That would mean that she had to take responsibility for her actions.

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Wait, so these self-styled "patriots" are taking a page from those horrible, commie French truckers?

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No snark today: this man is an insufferable prick.

And what on Earth is he blathering about "paying taxes [twice]" on food if said restaurant gives away free sandwiches to furloughed workers? That statement makes no sense whatsoever.

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Wingnuts only like it when small businesses are hatin' on ze gheys or screwing over thier worker for...wait for it..."FREEDOM".

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Looks like Ted...

*puts on sunglasses*

...is on Cruz control