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And then Vinyl gets hit by a car, the end

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I bet Hasbro's legal team feels so big and tough each time they take down defenseless artists that they know won't dare try to challenge them for the shit they sling into their faces. Oh and about that one line "With only Equestria Girls to hold us over during half-year long seasonal haituses, these episodic animations really help keep the fandom train going." Good luck getting more people to actually pay money when your customers have forgotten and completely zoned out about your product, or just don't watch it out of spite
Stay classy Hasbro and never change.

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D20 MLP game
Somewhere in hell Satan is having a good old laugh

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lol 3 votes Apple Bloom, that's adorable

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Wow, this completely trumps the english version in every way possible, glad they gave the thought and attention this scene deserved

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This guy will never have a name that sticks...

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Hey… Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

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Pinkie Pie is best duo, nothing touched her

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Aw too bad they brought ahuizotl back instead of trying someone new in Daring Don't, no one really likes him that much :/

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Is it too much to ask for a news header that doesn't send a bone chilling quiver down my spine? I mean his face is akin to political news media getting the most unflattering picture of a person's face to put over some absurd quote they made, ugh.